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Suits, 2.12: Blood in the Water

I might be over tired or something but I feel completely overwhelmed with emotion right now. I'm weeping! Mostly with happiness but just like, the DEPTH of feeling this show inspires in me, particularly this season which has been so full-on in a lot of ways, just. god. As you know if you've been here a while I view the show uncritically for the most part - if I dislike something I'll mention it but mostly I love it too much to notice its weaknesses. So prepare yourself for a lot of squee and horniness and sobbing on the floor.

So I think we can all agree that this was an amazing episode all round: lots of time spent on Harvey and Mike's relationship and blowing us away with how much they love each other (Harvey's reaction to Mike's getting beat up? I will spend some time talking about that later, but just quickly: oh my fucking god *SCREAMING*), and of course Louis's storyline which was probably the most emotionally resonant thing they've done with the character so far; he's the reason I was in tears at the end and it was just such a perfect, satisfying, unsentimental yet wonderfully feel-good, and most importantly earned resolution to his story arc. *CLAPSCLAPSCLAPS*

The Paley Panel host posited that the show's central theme is loyalty - it's certainly the central theme of this episode as we see everyone's loyalty put to the test. And our main players all pass that test, although I'm terribly sad to see the back of Harold, who has always been great (and often necessary) comic relief. Did the actor get a job elsewhere or something?

Donna offering Harvey icecream for breakfast to help him with his heartache was classic - I enjoyed her banter far more this week than last, it felt like regular old giving Harvey a hard time, as opposed to creepy sexual harassment. haha. And I always swoon a bit when Donna goes into sympathetic friend mode, because she's a person you'd always want on your side.

I love that Harvey's clients trust him so much. I love that, whatever his faults, people are lucky to have him as a lawyer because he's the most caring woobie lawyer in the whole wide world.

On a shallow level, Mike's hair looks awesome this week and he is super hot. And if you don't ship Mike/Donna I don't know what show you're watching because they so clearly find each other attractive and love each other deeply. I mean, there's a sort of mother/son vibe going on there? But in a way where that doesn't remotely put me off wanting them to have sex. Ugh. He's so nice to her, the way he brings her coffee and the way she makes orgasmic noises and goes, 'uuuhghgguhh you sweet, sweet--" what do you think she was going to say there? "Man"? No, surely not. "Baby boy" I reckon. GODDD WHERE ARE ALL THE MIKE/DONNA FICS????

Right, so the first Harvey/Mike scene...intense and a bit hurty because not only is Harvey upset and taking it out on Mike, but poor widdle Mike gets major beat down, but like. Let's just talk about how hot it is when Harvey yells shall we? Nnnnnnggghghgh

"People don't leave me."

Poor Harvey. Don't worry, Zoe's gone but Mike will never leave you.

"Your job is to help me, not to screw me."

FOR SHAME. That'd be the best job ever. Can't he do both?

And then Harvey tells him he'll fire him tomorrow and Mike looks gutted, and then Donna brings back the puppy analogy and tells Harvey off for being too harsh which I love because it might have been sexy but it was definitely too harsh. As if Harvey would fire Mike, good lord. I'd have to kill myself if that happened and no one wants that.

The way Harvey leans his head back against the chair to talk about Zoe leaving him and he looks so bummed out and sad...*CUDDLES HIM FOREVER*

So neat that they brought Jimmy back! Much more lovely and likable now too, isn't he, and chasing after Mike even though he has absolutely no chance because Mike belongs to Harvey and likes it that way.

"Screw Harvey!" says Jimmy.

"YES, DO!" scream millions of fangirls.

Best of all, Mike goes straight to Harvey's place (god it's so hot how they keep turning up on each other's doorstep uninvited, and goodddd harvey is hot in his shirt all unbuttoned and with his cheekbones and whatnot) and the sexy fun banter is BACK YESSS! Harvey's forgiven Mike for being late and even though he's still pretending Mike's job is on the line his pleased smile at seeing Mike there gives him away. It wasn't long ago that Harvey shut the door in Mike's face when he came over, now he's all, 'apology accepted, I forgive you for hurting my feelings, come on in, make yourself at home.' ohhh their chemistry.

Alison Holt is the worst.

Rachel running after Louis to try and stop him going after Harold is adorable times a million <333333333

Also, the amount of time Mike spends looking at Harold's shark tattoo - am I just really horny today or something? Because I found that hot.

Mike's relationship with Louis: ♥ I love that he's willing to have a go at Louis about Harold, I love that Louis totally respects Mike and talks to him like they're equals, because Mike is a person who demands respect from people; unlike Harold it doesn't matter to Mike that he's an associate - that does not make him a lesser person than the partners, and Louis has learned that treating Mike like he treats the others doesn't work. He's accepted that their relationship has become more than that. And I think also, the fact that Mike is Harvey's, and Louis thinks so highly of Harvey (which is why I felt so SORRY for him when Harvey told him they were done) that he actually looks up to Mike now too. Louis has self esteem issues out the wazoo and all he really wants is for Harvey (and by extension Mike) to love him. But it's also clear that Louis cares about Mike quite a lot. The most touching moment of the episode has to be the way he dropped his box of personal shit the moment he saw Mike's bloodied face, and immediately took care of him.

Back to Harvey. He sweeps Louis's shit off his desk (LOL AWESOME DRAMATICS BOO)

"You bugged my office. You ran to Hardman about the CM Lawsuit. You sold your soul for senior partnership and once you got it you created a drug policy with the sole purpose of firing me."

*wibbles* why is he so hot when he's angry???


I am so turned on right now.

But Louis's FACE though - he looks like he's about to burst into tears and my heart ACHES for him because Harvey is so fucking harsh here, so scary, so mean, and it's Louis's worst nightmare. D: On the plus side, Jessica wants Louis to stay, she recognizes and values his loyalty to the firm (loved her Daniel Hardman speech) and she told him that, and that she and Harvey are not on the same page. Even though Louis still decided to leave, at least he got to hear that from her. ♥

Mike offering Louis tissues when Louis gets upset about his cat = COMEDY GOLD.

Louis talking about how Harvey and he used to be friends was really interesting, and made a lot of sense to me actually. We saw a bit of that old chemistry in 'Meet the New Boss' and I can totally see them getting on well if it weren't for all the shitty things Louis has done/the fact that they're work rivals. So not only does Louis want to be Harvey's friend, he MISSES being Harvey's friend. "We were never Elma and Bugs." LOL yet another Bugs Bunny reference, and really, Harvey IS Bugs Bunny in a lot of ways, and Louis looks a bit like Elma Fudd, so. Hahaa. <3

Harvey sees Mike's bruised face.

Harvey: Who did this to you?
Mike: I'm fine.
Harvey: You're not. And after I'm done kicking his ass the guy who did it isn't going to be either.

screaming crying

Winner of the most romantic line in the ENTIRE HISTORY OF THE SHOW. Where do I start with how perfect? Harvey going into full on big brother mode - Mike is his responsibity, Mike can't fight for shit, anyone touches his boy and Harvey will kick all kinds of ass and not think twice about it, protecting his own is always Harvey's first priority, and just the quick rage he goes into the moment he sees that Mike's been harmed. OH SWEET JESUS *SOBBING*.

Mike: Harvey, just let it go.
Harvey: That's not who I am.
Mike: I deserved it.
Harvey: What did you do? (perfect line delivery there. Like the immediate realisation that Mike almost certainly did deserve it, even though his first instinct isn't to blame Mike but to kill the guy who hurt him)

"You got off easy."

And that's the end of that. I hope all the fangirls crying last year over how what Mike did would break Harvey's heart can breathe a sigh of relief now (and admit that what Mike did was way more hurtful to Rachel than to Harvey) but I think it was perfect that Mike was too ashamed to tell Harvey the actual story, even if he couldn't totally hide the truth. And that Harvey didn't want to know any more, he'd heard enough - that was exactly the right reaction.

Harvey wants his name on the door but I have to agree that Jessica shouldn't rush that decision because Harvey does keep fucking her over even if he is loyal to her. Case in point: Mike "basset hound" Ross.

The final wordless scene with Harvey ripping up Louis's letter of resignation brought tears to me eyes. A great end to a great episode.

Can I just remind you all to please not talk about the previews for the next episode in the comments here? I did catch a tiny (VERY EXCITING) glimpse of them but I didn't watch them as they're spoilers and I am a spoiler-free zone. Thanks lovelies!
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