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So Sharan and I snuck off to the pub for half an hour to have a quick drink with a male friend of ours, and we had what I found to be the horniest conversation ever, because we got to talking about bespoke suits. Right? Instant arousal. And then we had a laugh about measuring inseams and whatnot, as you do, because Sharan used to do this in a previous job, in which there was the occasional accidental graze, and our friend assured us that the relationship between a man and his tailor is really very intimate. Did you know that tailors ask their clients whether they dress to the left or the right? Because clearly it must impact the way they tailor the pants. What!

All I could think about after that was whether Harvey dresses to the left or right. Is it possible to tell by looking at him? I DON'T EVEN KNOW. BUT I WANT TO KNOW. I also want Mel to write me a scene in her next fic in which Harvey takes Mike to visit his tailor and the tailor asks Mike if he hangs right or left because nnngggghhhhhhhgoddddd I find it all very erotic and I don't know why.

(my obsession with cock maybe?)

harvey cock
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