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Suits, 2.11: Blind-Sided


I am a sinner, baby, I am a deceiver
I am so selfish and so proud
There is no question of my need to be delivered
I'll never get in if I'm afraid of comin' out

OUCH. This show is not getting any lighter is it. What a terribly sad episode, but I'm glad for it because it wouldn't have been right for things to just go back to normal: Grammy's still dead, Mike is still getting high every day, and fucking a married woman, and kind of falling apart (which is what I was secretly hoping for, because I enjoy an off-the-rails Mike). Rachel is still hurt. Everyone still hates Louis. Harvey is still the hottest man on the planet. Which isn't particularly relevant except that it's always relevant.

Let's start with Mike. Poor baby. He is not in a good place.

He claims that his life is both better and worse since Harvey hired him. Let's break it down. Mike's life before Harvey involved being a broke stoner who was reduced to breaking the law to earn a quick buck so he could pay for his Grammy's care. Grammy was alive, if not well - by which I mean, had Mike not met Harvey Grammy still would have died. So even though one of the reasons his life is worse now is because Grammy isn't around, that's nothing to do with Harvey or Pearson Hardman. Mike has struggled on the odd occasion with the "hard choices" that go along with the job, but I wouldn't say that those choices are a reason his life is *worse* now. A little bit harder at times maybe, but not 'worse'. In this particular case those hard choices were actually impossible for him, but that's because it was a deeply personal case: not only did it directly relate to, and remind him of, his parents' death, it was his first case since Grammy died. He was a wreck, he couldn't handle it, who the fuck can blame him, but at the same time it led him to reevaluate his life and make some changes for the positive: he ended things with Tess, and I'm guessing he'll quit smoking weed. The other thing about his new life that's "worse" is that he's living a lie, and that lie can and will and does come back to haunt him pretty regularly. The crime that he is committing every day is far worse than the crimes he used to commit when he took the LSATS for people (and imo is also far worse than ponying the briefcase of weed), and is therefore the only valid example of how Mike's life is now "worse" than before that I will accept. Because yeah, it's horrendous. Other than that, Mike's life is better. It's better because Harvey made it better, and continues to make it better every day. I'm not saying that the pros outweigh the cons, because the fraud is a gigantic con, but if you put that aside, Mike's everyday life is miles better now than it was before Harvey. At the start of the ep he couldn't wait to get back to work remember, and it was only after the case from hell that he flipped out and told Harvey that he isn't happy with his new life. So I think when he's no longer neck deep in grief and illicit sex and using drugs just to get through the day he'll realise that what he's got he should be fucking grateful for.

Back to the start of the episode. I found the Donna/Harvey exchange about Zoe weird and creepy. Donna's interest in Harvey's love life is not charming and it doesn't make me laugh anymore (it was funny in the Scotty episode but now that we know she was in love with Harvey for years and maybe still is...it's no longer funny). Knowing all his work business is fine, I'm on board with that, we've established that she's the world's best secretary, but complaining that he went behind her back to organise a date? Ugh. She needs to get her own life immediately. I like Donna but if the show keeps having her butt her nose into his personal affairs like this and tease him about sex when he clearly doesn't want her to, then I don't know how I'm expected to respect her. For the love of God show, give her a storyline that's not all about Harvey.

Rachel is my queen. I love that she didn't let Mike off the hook straight away and I ESPECIALLY love that she was all, "I am not the goody goody you think I am. You have no idea what you passed on." HAHA. Boom. These two though. Haters to the left, they are hot as fuck together.

Plus the Harvey/Rachel shipper in me did a little dance when they shared screen time for five seconds. More!!

Speaking of shipping, whenever Harvey and Mike share a scene I keep expecting them to molest each other. WHY CAN'T IT BE REAL LIFE.

The most interesting and amusing thing about Louis and Sheila is that they made it explicit that Louis is a very willing sub. (lol at "safe words are for pussies") I know we'd all have preferred to find out for sure that Mike and Harvey are the kinky ones, but on the positive, at least we know the show is aware of BDSM and is not afraid to feature it in storylines. There's hope for our boys yet!

New cast member: Amanda Schull, last seen in Pretty Little Liars, is playing new associate Katrina Bennett. What does this mean for Mike? Will she also be working directly for Harvey??? If so I already dread to know what the fandom is saying about her, and now I have one more reason to avoid Tumblr. Not that I'm completely sold on the character yet, but if it gives me another hot woman to ship with Harvey and Mike, then I ain't complaining.

Harvey: This isn't sixth grade math, don't show me your work, just give me the answer
Mike: God I wish I had you in the sixth grade. Except, no. Miss Jensen: very hot.
Harvey: You need a minute alone?

This exchange wins for the horniest of the episode. It's so flirty and inappropriate. Mike wishing he'd had Harvey as a teacher and then immediately remembering how hot his actual teacher was, and then Harvey conjuring up the image of Mike masturbating, like. COME ON. Why would anyone not ship it?

They're just so CLOSE. Mike talks to Harvey about his personal life now and Harvey listens, and he cares about him so much he goes to extreme lengths to protect Mike and and and *gross sobbing*. When Harvey takes Mike aside at the first meeting with the client and tells him he should sit this one out, and he's all, "Your parents got hit by a drunk driver"... But we didn't see Mike tell Harvey that story! We only saw him tell Jessica. It makes me feel all gooey inside thinking about Mike opening up to Harvey - when and where did this happen? How did Mike tell him, and why? What was Harvey's response? Also, I love that Harvey says to Mike that he's authorised to go as high as a hundred thousand dollars KNOWING FULL WELL that Mike will now go that high. I love it, because Harvey wants the family to get that money too, he just won't admit it openly, so he uses his bleeding heart associate to do the dirty work for him. ♥ ♥ ♥

Gabriel got his wish to have Harvey interact with a child, and he was right, it was fucking awesome. With the open collared white shirt and the charm and the handsomeness and the sex appeal and nnnnngggggghhhhh just kill me now.

"I don't find it funny in the least, and by it, I mean that we never slept together." UGH. I hate these two, I really do. They're too perfect and their chemistry is too sexy. It is not right or fair that they're shoving their perfect, sexy marriage in our faces and I hate them for it. The way he LOOKS at her. *sobs*

lol Harvey likes Bugs Bunny. <3333

And then he calls Mike and tells him to wrap up the deal so he can stay at Zoe's and get laid. And then he kisses Zoe and I want to kill myself because they look so good together. That storyline ended really sad though, but now we know that Harvey is a sucker for children (♥) which we also know is a Gabriel wish come true and I love it. HARVEY IS MY PERFECT BEAUTIFUL WOOBIE.

Harvey feeling terrible for making a deal with Katrina, all because he knew what Mike would do, all to protect Mike. uggggghhhh

Harvey: Is your life better or worse than before I hired you?
Mike: It's both.
Harvey: Well maybe you should focus on the better, because the next time I have the option to cross a line to save you I'll send you packing and not think twice. Now get your shit together.

Ow. But also, LOL. What complete bullshit. I mean, I think Mike really needed to hear it because he was being a whiny little bitch, but I don't believe for a second that Harvey won't continue crossing lines to protect him.

Feel free to link me to the best gifs on tumblr. And by feel free I mean PLEASE DO. I just really don't want to go there myself right now.

What did you guys all think????
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