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Just because I hardly ever talk about any tv that isn't Suits anymore, doesn't mean I don't enjoy all the shows I watch. If I still watch something I probably still enjoy it. Probably. I mean, I pretty much hate everything The Vampire Diaries chooses to be, and yet I haven't turned away. Honestly not sure why, but I assume it's because there are things about it that still entertain me. Julie Plec's knack for killing off characters of colour twice not one of them.

Fringe got the boot a while ago. You'll have to let me know if it got less terrible and I might consider catching up in the summer when I have nothing else to do with my time.

In terms of supernatural shows, I probably enjoy Grimm the most right now. It's episodic! Even though I often wish it were less of a procedural and would play a bit faster and looser with the format, because I think being unpredictable would benefit the show enormously. But the episodicness is refreshing given the current television climate in which it seems any show that isn't a procedural insists on telling one twisty turny story with no satisfying end in sight and no way to distinguish episodes from one another (e.g. Pretty Little Liars, True Blood, TVD). God I miss Buffy.

Enjoying all my comedies (except How I Met Your Mother. It got another season. I AM SO MISERABLE ABOUT THIS WHEN WILL I BE FREEEE). Bob's Burgers is probably my current favourite, but I've also been mainlining The League, which I adore: Dear Mark Duplass please lie on top of me.

I've started enjoying American Horror Story again, after struggling with the relentless, gruesome misogyny in the first chunk of the season. It's become a lot more tolerable, a lot sillier, although I will miss Sister Mary Eunice/Satan a lot - she/it was a seriously badass villain (and Lily Rabe was AMAZING) and she deserved a better ending than being burnt to ash in the arms of gross Dr Arthur. Jude as a patient is gold though, and when she teams up with Lana and Kit in the fight against Oliver (and yes, I have finally begun to appreciate Quinto; he and Jessica Lange understand that this show is insane and benefits greatly from over-the-top camp performances - and I'm finding him a very amusingly fun and pathetic pscyho) - let's just say I'm excited about the remainder of the season.


This SHOW. I could watch Holmes and Watson interact all day long - Liu and Miller are magnificent together, they have so much chemistry, I ship it hard, I won't lie, I would pay cash money to see them do sex. I fear it will never happen, I truly fear this. I hope they cast someone I like as Moriarty. I hope Irene isn't really dead because you shouldn't fridge Irene Adler before we even get to meet her. I hope Watson has a lot of savings so she can continue to be Sherlock's sober companion forever.


Season 2 didn't quite have the same impact as S1, but I am madly in love with Peter Quinn and I hope to see a lot more of him next season and I hope Carrie turns to him for comfort at some point and they have hot sex. One thing this show does awesome is the hot sex.

Revenge is awful this season except for Conrad and Victoria. Interesting factoid: Nolan Ross was in The Bourne Identity! We watched it over Xmas and I was all, "I know that actor! That looks like a young Nolan Ross!" And it was.
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