Kate (mskatej) wrote,

I'm coming back to LJ (I hope)

I noticed that a few of my favourite people have started posting on LJ again (or are still posting here - Hello old friends!! *gathers you in*) and that the possibility of an LJ renaissance is nigh...?

My tumblr honeymoon is well and truly over, has been for a while, and god maybe it's my age, and that I just don't have the energy to put time/effort into establishing a real persona over there; not after all the time/effort I put into establishing myself here. I am lazy by nature, and it's like starting all over again and I'm just too jaded to care enough, know what I mean? I feel really fucking alienated from fandom these days because fandom is on tumblr and very few people actually care about me over there (as far as I can tell). Unless they already knew me from elsewhere. I find twitter an easier place to connect with people than tumblr, but twitter is not a good platform for actual conversation.

Or it might be because Suits fandom is so wildly different from Smallville fandom and I can't seem to find a comfortable spot for myself there, and I don't feel like my contribution is valued by the fandom at large. Either that or most of the fandom hates me. It's anyone's guess! (That being said, I am incredibly grateful to my friends in the fandom, and to my loyal fans who always take the time to comment/give kudos/rec me. Love to you all ♥ ♥ ♥).

So I'm taking a tumblr hiatus (assuming temptation doesn't get the better of me. But the way I'm feeling now I may never go back. We shall see!); I'm taking a fic writing hiatus (or if I do write fic I probably won't be posting it on AO3); and I'm going to try to post here again on a regular basis. I will certainly be posting Suits episode reviews come next Friday (OHMYGOD *FLAILS*), because I love doing them and Suits is still my everything. And of course I will continue to beta for Mel and Star and whoever else wants my help.

As for me and my life, I am graduating from university this year, and currently working on my dissertation which, broadly speaking, is on fandom and the power of female desire. It's hard! Because my brain is very disorganised and figuring out a structure for such a big project may be beyond my capabilities, but I'm really enjoying the research. The other class I love is my creative writing class, not because I'm learning much (fandom taught me everything that's being covered in the class) but because I'm writing original fiction, which is SO GOOD FOR ME. (And I think what I want to do with my life???????) The story I'm handing in on Monday (worth 40% of my final grade) is called 'Nice Guy' and is the most difficult and traumatising thing I've ever written, but probably also the best thing I've ever written. I'm not sure, I guess I'll find out when I get my mark back. *trembles*

Charlie is well. I'm on match.com attempting to find a mate. And I am still watching all the tv, but maybe I'll save talking about that for a day in the near future. :)

How are you all doing? And who is still here???
Tags: fandom, real life, writing
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