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I've been neglecting this journal because fandom has basically left LJ and it's all tumblr all the time these days, but I feel the need to post something here because yesterday when I checked my journal I was embarrassed to see that the first page is almost entirely dedicated to Suits. If you stumbled upon this blog you would be forgiven for thinking that Suits is literally the only thing I care about. This is not actually true! I have other interests, I watch a lot of other television shows, and this post is going to address some of those other things, to remind you that I am a complete person and not merely a walking advertisement for a show about super hot lawyers.

Let's get it out of the way first though, because obvs Suits is still my primary fannish concern and I have feelings/thoughts to share. I miss the show and need it to come back, because I feel absolutely no inspiration to write fic at the moment. :'( I want to be inspired, I want to give more porn to the fandom, I want to want to write. Something short, preferably, because I have a lot of other shit going on right now: I'm back in school and I need to start thinking about my dissertation (which is going to be on fandom and female sexuality btw - if anyone academic is still reading this blog and can recommend some essential reading to me I'd be grateful), and about my other classes, one of which is a creative writing class so this year will be the year I do some fiction writing that is not pornographic, and is not fanfiction. What! I'm excited about that actually. I think one of the reasons I'm not inspired to write Harvey/Mike at the moment is because I have other ideas - ORIGINAL ideas - that are dominating my mind grapes. So. This will be the year of lots and lots of writing, different kinds of writing. But I don't want to neglect fandom and I'm worried that this will happen.


I did this amazing thing the other week which I can't believe I haven't been doing for years: I made a spreadsheet with all the tv shows I watch, the season and episode number, and the day/date it airs. My life is now already so much easier because of this spreadsheet. Also, I watch way too much tv, but that's hardly news. The problem is, there are new shows I want to try, new shows I am bound to pick up if the buzz surrounding them piques my interest, and not enough time in the goddamn day. I need to watch The Mindy Project for instance, and that's only one new show that sounds appealing.

I'm not drinking at the moment and it's working well for me - I have more time and energy to spend on reading and writing and school work, and tbh the older I get the more anti-social I feel anyway. Going out holds little appeal compared with the joys of staying in and being productive on my own.

That said, I've been toying with the idea of joining a dating site and maybe meeting a few real* men. I'm perfectly happy on my own, which is why I've been single as long as I have, but at the same time I feel like I should maybe make an effort before I completely lose my looks. *shrug*

*by real I mean 'not fictional' as opposed to 'manly'. although manly is good too.

Finally, some quick non-spoilery comments about some of the shows I'm watching:

Homeland: Holy shit. Amazing. Mind blowing. Best.
Grimm: Pretty terrible but I'm wildly attracted to Nick Burkhardt. I found him super boring at first but now I can't get over his gorgeous face and his Clark Kentishness and how sexy he is when he's irritated or angry or sad. I have Nick problems.
Hart of Dixie: Only seen the first episode (so don't spoil me for e02!) but HOMG TEAM WAAAAAAAAADE. I can't even tell you how hard I'm shipping Zoe and Wade. They are glorious together.
Bob's Burgers: I love them all but Tina Belcher is my perfect character.
Fringe: I'm bored. I feel like I should drop it to free up some time for a new show but then I think this is maybe(probably?) the last season so I may as well keep watching, and hopefully it will get more engaging at some point.
The Good Wife: Not enjoying the Kalinda storyline so far. Panjabi and Marc Warren don't have much chemistry and the show seems to be glorifying/eroticising the abusive nature of their relationship, which is rubbing me up the wrong way.

What's new with you guys!
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