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Suits, 2.10: High Noon

tbh I have no idea how I'm going to be coherent about this episode because it did something that I never in a million years saw coming and it was very much and in all possible ways a dream come true *had I dared to dream it* which I hadn't. It SURPRISED me. With, quite simply, the two greatest television scenes in the history of the universe. THE WHOLE UNIVERSE. I was completely unspoiled and had no idea what was going to happen between Harvey and Mike, to the point where I was actually SCARED for a good chunk of the episode that it wouldn't deliver. Like, all the stuff that happened before the glorious weed smoking sequence...the first time I watched it I couldn't relax! I was all, who is this new woman and why should I care about her? Why didn't Rachel tell Harvey about Mike's grandma? Why isn't Harvey at the funeral, supporting Mike? WHERE IS HARVEY??!! Mike needs him and he's not there and and and *collapses in a fit of anxiety*

And then. It would be impossible to accurately describe the way I reacted when Harvey sparked up Mike's joint. It was a pure, undiluted fangirl orgasm. I LITERALLY flailed. Okay you guys have no idea what it MEANS to me every time I see recreational drug use portrayed in a positive light in the TV I watch, but for it to be my favourite show, for it to be my OTP... GOD. My glee, gratitude, happiness, horniness, EVERYTHING - none of it can be contained right now.

Rachel is really great and amazing throughout this episode - everything she does for Mike is done out of kindness, love and respect - and Mike shat all over her on three separate occasions (to be fair, only two of those occasions were his fault). And while I found the ex girlfriend plot pretty contrived and unoriginal, what I DID like about Mike's storyline was how much they didn't scrimp on what a douchebag he's capable of being when he's in pain. Mike acting out felt human, his unpredictable behaviour and selfish need for instant gratification at the expense of his ethics and the feelings of the woman he loves...that worked well for me, in no small part to Patrick's lovely, heartfelt performance.

Normally I'm a Louis sympathiser but I found it difficult this episode. While I like how this show surprises me all the time, I really didn't expect Louis to be quite so treacherous and terrible and it actually...alienated me from him more than ever before. Like, he was AWFUL, far more so than I was anticipating, and it was one surprise that didn't sit well for me.

When Mike goes to buy the weed from the dude on the street and the musical score goes all ominous...I was so worried about the direction the show had chosen to go in, I thought we might be in for a typical Hollywood morality tale wherein our hero's descent into the world of harmless recreational drug use is emblematic of him hitting rock bottom and obviously he will be punished for doing drugs because it's wrong etc etc, and oh sweet lord it's so funny watching this a second time and knowing that they totally pulled the rug out from under us and went in the opposite direction from what (surely) everyone unspoiled was expecting; because the moral here is that Mike's lapse in sobriety isn't a BAD thing. It is, in fact, the BEST THING THAT HAS EVER HAPPENED TO TELEVISION. And also a good thing for Mike (and Harvey too. omg. i still can't believe this is real).

I don't have much to say about Hardman and what happened to him, as it was tied up so neatly and quickly and easily and now he's gone and I'm disappointed so what's the point even talking about him. That said, I'm glad we got a satisfying resolution to the story (as opposed to a crazy-making cliffhanger) and even if it wasn't the bravest resolution ever I enjoyed it enormously.

Mike's bad (grief-fueled) behaviour, a list:

1. He yells at Rachel for being a caring friend
2. He scores pot (I don't actually judge him for this because I'm not a hypocrite, but I'm sure a lot of people would count this as 'bad' so it's going on the list)
3. He yells at Harvey (list tbc)

Because let's just talk about that for a moment. I didn't pick up on this the first time round, but Harvey KNOWS about Mike's grandmother here but instead of acknowledging it he buries Mike in work because he can tell Mike isn't ready to talk about it, and that's the reason he doesn't flip out at Mike's outburst, he just sends him home. I'm sure a lot of viewers must have guessed then that Harvey knew what was up, but I didn't, and now that I do...god, it's perfect. Harvey is way too emotionally repressed to actually try and TALK to Mike about what he's going through (he's the opposite of Rachel in many ways), but he's doing his best to be there, the only way he knows how, and his love for Mike is so *fierce* in this scene. He's there to take care of Mike, and when his method stops working he goes into Dom mode (nnnnggghhhsofuckinghot) and says, "Go home. Now." And Mike obeys him without a word, because even when he's insane with rage and grief Harvey knows what's best. ugh. He KNEW. He let Mike rant and rave at him and he knew the whole time that Mike was breaking inside and he knew that he needed to come up with a better way to help him than drowning him in work. oh god i'm making myself cry this is ridiculous moving on

hahaha i love how the only associate Harvey knows is "Mike Ross" because Mike is the only associate Harvey needs.

Donna: Do I need to remind you that you're the one who sent him home yesterday?
Harvey: I thought he would come back.
Donna: You know you could call him, Harvey.
Harvey: *glares at her*

Harvey's canonical inability to call the people he loves when they need him the most is SO PRECIOUS I CAN'T STAND IT.

Mike's ex girlfriend, Tess...this storyline was the weakest I thought. I'm not sure whether it was the casting, the writing, or the fact that it was painfully obvious from the outset that she was brought in to be an obstacle to Mike and Rachel, and little more. I mean, she's supposed to have all this history with Mike and they didn't really have that kind of chemistry (although I found their make out session super hot so the actors had SOME chemistry, just not the 'we've known each other forever' kind that I wish they'd had) and I simply wasn't interested in their relationship. Which is a problem. This is the girl Mike lost his virginity to, she was his first love, they still have feelings for each other, they're still attracted to each other. This is serious Mike back-story here, and I should care more, you know? I think maybe I just didn't warm to the actress; she wasn't charming enough for me to buy her as Mike's high school sweetheart. I mean come on, a line like "I don't know about you two but I think we should get drunk" should make me fall in love with a character. Instead all I could think was, "I wouldn't want to get drunk with you." Plus, Rachel is so much better. Sigh.

omg. I'm here. Harvey turns up at Mike's apartment.

Harvey: When I sent you home I didn't mean for you to never come back.
Mike: My grandmother died.
Harvey: I know.

o;akjfd;kdafjldjsdfakjoz;dfkad *sobbing*

Harvey: Look, you obviously weren't ready to deal with it. So I respected that by keeping you busy. Was I wrong?
Mike: No.

OH GOD MY HEART. Harvey knows Mike so well, he knows what Mike needs when he needs it, he was TRYING SO HARD to be what Mike needed, and here he's asking for validation. I love this so much I wanna kill myself. I love that Harvey was *right*, because Mike wasn't ready to deal with it, but also that keeping Mike busy wasn't going to work forever, sending him home was the only option, and now he knows what Mike needs is a friend to have some fun with. You don't have to ship these two to appreciate how incredible and important this relationship is. Harvey is Mike's closest friend and he knows Mike better than anyone else does.

okay breathe kate breathe

Harvey walks in to Mike's apartment, accuses him of being stoned, tells him he's not there to lecture him and then helps himself to Mike's joint.

"Is this the coffee cart guy?"


Not only is Harvey there to GET HIGH WITH MIKE (AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH THIS EPISODE WAS WRITTEN ESPECIALLY FOR ME I JUST KNOW IT), he smokes enough to recognize the strain of weed he's smoking. Harvey and Mike are KINDRED SPIRITS. It's always been my head canon that Harvey did drugs when he was younger but tbh I never in a million years expected to find out that he STILL DABBLES OCCASIONALLY. But of course he does. He's Harvey Specter, he's a fan of pleasure, he's got a hedonistic streak a mile long, of COURSE he occasionally takes drugs. He probably does the odd line of blow here and there too. *FLAILS* this is more than a dream come true (because I never had this particular dream) this is the most amazing revelation about a favourite character that there has ever been in my entire lengthy television-watching history. My otp got high together my otp got high together my otp got high together, and they had a wonderful, productive, kick-ass time. I honestly don't know if I'm going to be able to stop talking about this. ever.

Just. The FUN they have together...how so perfect, show? HOW SO PERFECT????

Mike: *holding up an empty bag of pretzels while lying on the couch looking upside down at Harvey* The WHOLE BAG? How do you even do that, man? I've got like crazy cotton mouth right now.
Harvey: Harvey Specter doesn't get cotton mouf.
Mike: *giggling* 'Mouf'?
Harvey: Mouf.
Mike: *still giggling* I guess Harvey Specter does get cotton mouf.
Harvey: I can't help it, these pretzels *together with mike* ARE MAKING ME THIRSTY

♥♥♥SEINFELD REFERENCE♥♥♥ And then they both laugh hysterically and Harvey's stoned laugh is high pitched and joyous and basically my entire life needs to end right now because nothing can possibly top this moment.

Mike then hands Harvey his bottle of beer and says, "Here, drink this, rookie."

LMFAO. I am dead. DEAD I TELL YOU. In all of Suits history Harvey has never actually called Mike "Rookie" (take note, Suits authors! It's fanon, not canon, okay? And it needs to be put to rest as soon as possible), but here MIKE CALLS HARVEY ROOKIE BECAUSE HARVEY HAS COTTON MOUTH. this show loves us all so much.

Harvey finds Mike's suit jacket underneath him on the couch and scolds him for not hanging it up, goes to hang it up for him but Mike's closet apparently has no hangers, so Harvey *throws* it in the general direction of the coat hangers by the door, it lands on the floor, and so Harvey gives up and leaves it there. Comedy. GOLD. All the while Mike is having a fantasy out loud about Harvey being a dad. There are two ways we can read this moment: Mike sees Harvey as a father figure and takes comfort in thinking about what a great dad he would've been for him; OR: Mike wants to co-parent with Harvey.

Harvey: Oh, look at this you bought an apartment in Manhattan!

He's high but oh god it kills me how delighted he is here. He's PROUD of Mike and happy that they'll soon be living closer to one another.

Mike: I got it for her.
Harvey: Oh.

Mike's always hated the word orphan, he never felt like one until now, and so Harvey decides to open up to Mike about himself. He tells Mike about his dad - beloved saxophone player (yeah except that in Break Point the musician on the record Harvey pointed to when he said "my dad" was playing a trumpet, jesus christ show) who married a groupie who cheated on him repeatedly. He tells Mike he was surrounded by family but knows what it's like to feel totally alone. OH MY BABIES. Neither of you are alone. You have EACH OTHER. ugh, the love between these two. But then Mike's all "your stoned is depressing" so they change the subject and plot to piss in Louis's office together and then they crack up giggling, like a couple of gorgeous loons.

I am so happy right now.

The entire sequence at the elevator that results in Harvey convincing Mike that pissing in Hardman's office is NOT in fact a good enough plan (even though Mike reeeeeeally wants to) by bringing him in on the can opener ritual...is basically so perfect I don't even have words. Like. This is fanfiction. THIS EPISODE IS FANFICTION.

Harvey nearly punching Louis...HOT. Love that Louis could smell the weed all over him and therefore knew that Harvey and Mike were getting high together. Huge kink of mine: outsider characters being witness to my OTP's awesome relationship.

Mike's bad (grief-fueled) behaviour, a list (cont'd):

4. Mike suggests planting drugs in Hardman's office. I know you're high, Mike, but that's REALLY UNETHICAL.

But it's fine because it inspires Harvey's revelation. Now our heroes can go on and legitimately save the day! And no office needs to be pissed in! The show then gives us a glorious montage of Mike and Harvey solving the case in various locations around the office, while talking non-stop and staring at each other a lot and flicking cards and just generally being funny, brilliant, and the best ever at what they do: lawyering.


oh now I'm sad those scenes are over.

Harvey beating Tanner in the boxing ring = hot. blah blah progression of fraud case storyline blah blah

Mike and Rachel kissing = mind-bendingly hot, jesus. This show is teh SEX. I really love horny grieving stoner Mike. He may be kind of douchey but he is a lot of fun.

OKAY SO IT'S NOW CANON THAT JESSICA AND HARVEY TOOK DRUGS TOGETHER ONE NIGHT AT THE OFFICE IN CELEBRATION. I'm gonna go out on a limb here and suggest that they weren't smoking weed. My guess? Expensive booze and good cocaine.

Jessica: That kid better get here fast.
Harvey: He'll come through.


Harvey goes, Jessica goes. And vice versa. ♥

Louis comes through in the end but it'll take me a while to forgive him for his actions in this episode, gotta say.

Harvey, Mike, Jessica and Donna drink bubbly together in celebration.

"How often do you look at a man's shoes?" (Shawshank Redemption) THIS SHOW AND ITS MOVIE/TV QUOTES. Fangirl paradise for realsies.

Mike's bad (grief-fueled) behaviour, a list (cont'd):

5. After Rachel knocks him back he invites his married ex girlfriend over for sex.

Do you know what I love about this? I get it. He just lost his last living relative, the woman who raised him, he needs constant stimulation so he doesn't have to face that reality, and whether that means losing himself in the pleasure of getting high or having illicit sex, or making a move on the woman he's in love with even though he rejected her and hurt her and shouldn't be going anywhere near her right now but he's being selfish because he can't help it because he just wants to be CLOSE to someone, it's a really fucking...raw and painful and plausible reaction to devastating loss. I may not love the story around it (Rachel turning up uninvited to declare her love and walking in on them - *EYEROLL*) but I love the characterisation a whole lot. As cliffhangers go...hrm. The more I think about it, this isn't actually a cliffhanger at all. Because I'm not looking forward to finding out what happens next between Mike and Rachel. Are you? I mean, I can't really think of how they're going to resolve this revelation in a new or interesting way. She caught him with another woman, he hurt her. She's hurt. He's regretful. Whatever. We've been here before, this isn't moving things forward, it's setting them back, it's ensuring that this relationship remains on a loop. Now we have to watch them get back to a place where they can be together again, and I feel like we've already covered this ground. Ugh. I saw a thing on tumblr that was all (to paraphrase) 'this ep was awesome for Harvey/Mike Harvey/Donna Harvey/Jessica shippers. but it SUCKED for Mike/Rachel shippers.' So true. Although I'm not gleeful about that like a lot of this fandom apparently is, because I DO ship Mike/Rachel, and this just *hurt*. It sucks that Rachel was basically an angel throughout the episode and then she got crushed. I don't understand why that was necessary.

But I don't want to end this review on a downer because mostly I'm delirious with happiness: High Noon was one of the most sublime television experiences of my life and I shall be forever grateful that it exists.
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