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Suits, 2.09: Asterisk

I'm gonna change up the format this week, so this wont be a recap so much as some commentary on the many things about this episode I loved. Mostly because I feel like recapping every scene is kind of pointless and boring - everyone reading this has already seen the episode after all, and it's hella time consuming commenting on every single thing that happens as well as transcribing dialogue. I welcome your feedback though - let me know which format you like best: I'll (probably) put in the time if y'all prefer it the other way, otherwise moving forward I'm gonna do it like this.

I'm SO HAPPY about the resolution to the Donna storyline, and (as I said on tumblr) that she articulated her feelings for Harvey in a way that made total sense to me: she loves him like a brother (or cousin) but she's not in love with him. That is exactly how I've always viewed their relationship and it's exactly how I want it to be. All the hinting this season that Donna's feelings for Harvey are unresolved smacked uncomfortably of retconning what they'd established so beautifully in season 1: that they care deeply for one another but not in a romantic or sexual way (okay maybe a little sexual, but I definitely did NOT get the impression that she was in love with him). That she agreed to come back so quickly was also wonderful because I love the idea that she can't function without Harvey any more than he can function without her, and while I felt sorry for poor wee Cameron, I did enjoy seeing Donna back in action and having some fun again at a little person's expense. And then of course, Harvey WINKED at her and I melted into a puddle of goo.

Oh, yes, and let's talk about the two times Harvey went over to Donna's house! I want fic for BOTH OF THOSE TIMES. You just know the one night stand they had was awesome and the terrible dinner party would be the funniest story ever, amirite? I have always been pretty squicked by Donna/Harvey and I wouldn't have guessed that past D/H would be something I'd enjoy, but turns out I'm totally into it. As long as I never have to see the actors make out onscreen I want past one night stand porn so badly I might even have to write it myself.

HARVEY GAVE MIKE AN ENORMOUS BONUS CHEQUE OUT OF HIS OWN POCKET. BECAUSE HE LOVES HIM. I love that Mike was nervous about asking for it, and that Harvey deliberately held out on him just for the fun of making Mike sweat. "Are you having a stroke?" Don't mind me I'm just drowning in the glory that is this perfect ship.

Hardman making Louis senior partner = stroke of genius.

And Louis's sincere apology to Donna was adorable. I love how much he loves her, and that Donna's so sharp she figured out he got promoted by the suit he was wearing (and the ridiculous grin on his face).

GRAMMY OH MY GOD. I'll talk more about the horribly upsetting aspect of this episode at the end of the review, but can we just clutch our hearts for a while over Harvey's reaction to her? I probably should have seen the tragedy coming at this point--and the fact that the show realized how important it was for Harvey and Rachel to meet Grammy before she died fills me with warm fuzzies, because it helps complete the picture they both have of Mike, and just. THANK YOU, SHOW. Thank you especially for letting Harvey meet her. And wasn't this a particularly lovely scene? Harvey looks so PLEASED to meet her (that's how important Mike is to him), and Grammy is obviously just as delighted to meet Harvey. "Your grandson says nice things about you." OH GOD HARVEY WHY ARE YOU SO CHARMING. Grammy tells Harvey that Mike has described him as both 'sharp' and a 'hardass', although apparently hardass isn't the word he normally uses (OH THE POSSIBILITIES) and Mike is mortified because he knows how much shit he's going to get over this. And also: "lip runs in the family" (which Harvey says with such fondness you can tell it's his favourite thing about Mike and that he's already kind of in love with Grammy). Love how much Grammy and Rachel hit it off, love that Mike talks so much to Grammy about both Harvey and Rachel, love that the only other person Grammy wants to meet is "that Harold clown". ♥

Okay moving on, before I start bawling again...

Jessica is fabulous as always, and I'm going to assume she'll come out on top because she can't LOSE this vote, SURELY. Even so, this storyline is really fucking suspenseful. If I didn't know how television works I'd honestly think there was a good chance Daniel could actually win this one.

Rachel and Mike are LOVELY together, god. Just, her reaction to finding out that Mike is getting his grandma a place in Manhattan...ugh, she's so in love with him. And their chemistry is wonderful - there's so much between them and it's more than just romantic desire: they like and respect each other; they're *friends* who care deeply for each other; i can't believe how hard I'm shipping them this season. "You're a sneaky little boy." eeeeeeeee! why is the way she said that so HOT? This show has all the ships. <3

Louis's parents are the worst, hahahahaah. And Louis told them that Harvey is his best friend, because that's the thing he wants most in the world. Poor darling. So Harvey gives Louis what he wants by taking him out on a date! I mean...this is really fucked up and sad. Harvey is the popular kid who manipulates Louis by pretending to care about him, and Louis wants Harvey's friendship and respect so badly he temporarily falls for Harvey's bullshit. Man, this show is cruel to Louis - I don't blame him at all for his resentment towards Harvey and Jessica, although I hope he realises that Daniel is playing him too, and that Jessica is the lesser of two evils in this scenario. Do the right thing, Louis. Back the mean girls, not the guy who could have gotten you *sent to prison* five years ago. Even if Daniel really is a 'changed man'- whatever that even means - there's no *guarantee* he's changed, and that's a risk Louis should not be willing to take.

Okay, it's very sexy that Mike is totally shocked that Harvey didn't manage to win Louis over on their date. He's all, "What?!" Because he knows how amazing Harvey's company is, and he knows how charming and attractive Harvey is, and it didn't even occur to him for a second that Louis might be able to resist Harvey. Because Mike finds Harvey irresistible. Fact.

God, when Harvey's kind and sincere towards Louis it kills me - he's so attractive I can't even cope. And he STILL couldn't close Louis, because Louis's hurt and anger runs that deep. Le sigh. Also, Harvey handling the baseball bat was hot as fuck.

RACHEL GOT A 172 ON HER LSATS. *SCREAMING WITH JOY* Everything about this scene. Perfection.

"Look at you: Hot Mike, using their tricks against them."

Um. WHAT? Do my ears deceive me? Did Harvey just refer to Mike as "Hot Mike" with a delighted grin on his face? Yep, this show really does love me.

Jessica's playing chess while everyone else is playing checkers. YES. That is exactly why I love this woman.

Harvey offering to give up his office? OH YOU PERFECT, PERFECT MAN. <3333333

Flailing over the Harvey/Mike Bull Durham scene, and the way it ends with Mike clapping Harvey on the back and saying, "Harvey, I'm sorry, I gotta go see my grandmother," to which Harvey replies, "Fine! Go! I wouldn't want her to think I was a hardass!"

*RUNNING AROUND IN CIRCLES* Just. This show. These BOYS. Perfect ship is perfect.

Ugh. This last scene. I'm not sure I can even talk about it much because it's too upsetting. I cried my eyes out the first time round, and now I'm crying again. Lovely performances by both Patrick and Meghan, and the gorgeous image of her holding him, by the fireplace in his new, empty apartment, was a lovely way to close out a very good episode. Mike has no family left, no friends other than his work colleagues. He's going to need Harvey so much right now and I hope next week delivers on that front. I mean, this is a scenario that has been explored in countless Harvey/Mike fics already, and it always ends in porn. So the show can't exactly live up to those expectations, unfortunately. But I hope we get SOMETHING MOVING. Like, I hope Harvey is really awesome about it because if he's not I'll be gutted.

Oh god one more episode to go and then we're on a long hiatus. I'm honestly not sure how I'm going to survive.
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