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Suits, 2.05: Break Point

aaaahhhhhh I'm freaking out oh my god what the hell.


I mean, I know this isn't permanent, because Harvey can't survive without her, but that storyline concluded in a way I was not expecting and it really fucking hurt. This episode might be the most gloomy the show has ever done - I barely laughed, which is unusual, and the general atmosphere was one of melancholy.

It began with extreme sexiness though, yayyy - I actually had to pause it once the first scene had finished to email Mel just to say omfg harvey running - because OMFG HARVEY RUNNING. IN SWEATS. How is this man so fucking hot that he makes running clothes look sexy? And the way he was a little out of breath when he says, "You wanna race, Jeffrey? I'm more than happy to kick your ass."

To which Jeffrey replies, "Believe me Harvey, I didn't get up at 5am for my health."

"A guy like you in Central Park at this hour? It's not where my mind went either."

BURRRRRN. Oh Harvey, you're such a bitch. ♥

"Just because I know about tennis doesn't mean I give a shit about tennis."

lol he gets all the best lines. He's out of breath for that whole scene and it just made me think of sex. As in, that's how he sounds when he's having sex and talking dirty. THANK YOU FOR THAT, SHOW.

Tennis boy story blah blah don't really care about this at all

The memo of doom, otoh, I'm fully invested. Harvey's a dick to hardass lawyer Allison Holt and he wants her fired (if Hardman is to be believed, because of her association with him) but she wins Jessica over by being a "straight shooter". Which apparently means telling Jessica that her dress has no place in the office. Uh, no, but whatever. Jessica likes people who aren't afraid of her so she hires her on the spot.

Harvey: The woman insults you, all of a sudden you're in bed with her? Maybe I should tell you how much I hate those shoes.
Jessica: That's the joke you're gonna make?
Harvey: What, it's both respectful and disrespectful at the same time.

Um. Well it's disrespectful, certainly. But that's okay because it's also hot as fuck. He just told Jessica he wants to have sex with her and thus I am very much on board with this banter.

Harvey is the worst client ever and decides to go see the plaintiffs in the case against the firm without permission or supervision, and it goes badly. Duh. You don't get to annihilate a dead man in court and then win over his widow with a fancy speech and a document proving you donated some money to her cause, bra. It's fascinating seeing Harvey playing out of his league.

Of course Louis has a cat called Bruno, and is devoted to him. Bruno is Louis's best friend. :'(

I think this tennis story lacks dramatic tension because I'm completely on the father's side. Even when the abuse accusation comes up it doesn't seem real. So the twist that it in fact *wasn't* real didn't work for me. Because I saw it coming a mile off. The procedural stuff in this show (and in many shows lbr) is often the weakest element and while it doesn't generally bother me, if I had one criticism of this episode it was that Tennis Boy's woes failed to engage me emotionally, and I didn't care much for the father either because, right as I considered him to be, he still came across as kind of a douche.

Not much Harvey/Mike interaction this week, but at least they help make the Tennis Boy case more interesting:

Mike: You mean break up his family.
Harvey: I mean help his family.
Mike: *scoffs* I wonder what kind of relationship you had with your father.
Harvey: Look, my father's not up for discussion.

Flagging this because it's not the first mention of Harvey's family we've had this season. We know he has a troubled relationship with his mother, and this, coupled with the fact that he likes Tennis Boy and is happy to go down the emancipation route, suggests that it wasn't all roses with his father either. Which is good, because I wasn't that keen on the idea of Harvey having mommy issues, but I'll like if he's got mommy AND daddy issues. I want to meet both his parents so badly. Hopefully these mentions of his family aren't just a tease and that the show plans to deliver some proper Harvey back-story this season.

Poor Donna. I can't even with this story. I feel so fucking SORRY for her. I wish she hadn't made the decision she made, but I get it. Mike catches her before she has a chance to shred the memo, calls her out and tells Donna that if she doesn't tell Harvey the truth, he will. He might be a fake lawyer but he still knows right from wrong. Listen to him, Donna! *sob*

Allison Holt's interview with Donna is PAINFUL. Donna uses humor to deflect from how terrified she is and it's obvious and uncomfortable and tense, and then she gives herself away by saying, in all sincerity, "Harvey didn't do anything." Allison spots it, this isn't going to end well.

Jessica: I've worked with Harvey since he was a rookie in the mail room. No way he buried that memo.
Allison: You didn't see Donna in that room.
Jessica: I'm not saying she wouldn't do it if he asked. I'm saying he wouldn't ask.

Jessica's belief in Harvey makes me feel all warm inside.

Harvey mocking Louis over his sick cat going to the dentist is funny the first time around, but not so much on the rewatch because I now know where this story ends. *cuddles Louis forever*

Harvey: This isn't housing court, this is a kid's life.

YAY. I will never tire of characters bringing up housing court.

Harvey: You think I didn't think I was smarter than the guy I started working for? I did. And I was. And I waited my goddamn turn..
Mike: Harvey, I'm ready. It's time to let me out of the gate.

I love that Harvey's all 'no way kid' but only because he likes making Mike work for it, not because he isn't going to give Mike exactly what he wants.

Harvey: Mike's going to court.
Mike: I am?
Jessica: What's the case?
Mike: Uh, emancipation.
Jessica: From him?
Mike: I wish.
Harvey: He doesn't need a court order for that.
Jessica: Our little baby's growing up.
Mike: Okay.

hahahahaha <3 So Jessica now sees Mike as her and Harvey's baby. I DON'T KNOW WHO TO SHIP MOST RIGHT NOW.

Jessica presents Harvey with the affidavit claiming PH never received the memo of doom, and Mike is forced to knock coffee all over it to prevent Harvey from signing, and then Jessica calls him 'spastic'. Which I'm sure will offend a lot of people, but it made me chuckle because I'm a terrible human being. I love how Harvey clocked what Mike was up to straight away and demanded answers, and that Mike told him the truth. He gave Donna ample time to talk to Harvey after all, and she didn't.

Ugh, this Harvey/Donna scene. Jesus. Harvey is so angry and hurt and horrified and Donna is falling apart and *clutches self* this is horrible (in a really good way). She tells him to FIRE her. But then he's all 'no you finding the memo is a good thing' and then. Oh dear god. But Donna destroyed the memo.

Harvey: I'm not gonna fire you, Donna. I might kill you, but I'm not gonna fire you.

(fuck me he's sexy when he's angry)

Mike in court - he's good but I don't like this scene because even the first time I could tell the abuse accusation was bullshit.

Rachel's x compassion = OTP. She's perfect. *whimpers* and poor, poor Louis. He's actually CRYING because Bruno is dead, and anyone who's ever had a pet knows exactly how heartbroken he is, and *weeps uncontrollably* And then Rachel sees Mike and demands to know what's going on with Donna and Mike promises her that Harvey will fix it.

Mike: You're gonna fix this situation with Donna right?
Harvey: Why should I tell you?
Mike: What?
Harvey: If I hadn't caught you when were you gonna tell me that she had that memo?
Mike: I wasn't because she promised me she would.
Harvey: What would have happened if you hadn't been in my office when Jessica brought me that affidavit?
Mike: That would have been between you and Donna.
Harvey: And I would have committed perjury.

Oh man, I love it when these two fight because I can always see both sides.

Holy shit, Harvey apologizing...new kink ahoy! (Even if it didn't actually get him anywhere)

Harvey sits in his office listening to jazz, staring out the window, and then Jessica comes in and says, "We need to talk. It's subtle but Daniel's strong-arming me."

Harvey: Not now. *points at music* My dad...

WHAT THE HELL DOES THAT MEAN. Was his dad a trumpet player? Or does this particular track remind him of his father??? I need to know what the deal is with Harvey's parents and I need to know NOW.

Harvey: I was wrong.
Jessica: Am I in the right office?
Harvey: I went to the plaintiffs again.
Jessica: Why?
Harvey: To tell them I was sorry.

Oh, HARVEY. You're so pretty when you're sad. ♥

And now for my favorite exchange of dialogue in the entire episode:

Rachel: *picks up the boxed tennis ball* Is this from your tennis client?
Mike: First one.
Rachel: Not as big as Harvey's.
Mike: Really. You're gonna go there.

YES. *SCREAMING* WE ALL WANT TO GO THERE. I think a lot about this particular subject, as I'm sure won't surprise any of you, and any canon references to Mike/Harvey cock... episode MADE. /size queen

Also, Rachel is the nicest and I love her.

Jessica: Allison Holt can't win because she doesn't believe in Harvey. I can, because I do.

But she still agrees with Hardman that a law has been broken and she won't sit by and do nothing. Donna's got to go.


NOOOOOOOOOOO. I'm too emotional to even comment on this turn of events. Worst outcome ever, and that last scene at the lifts...the expression on Harvey's face. The look on DONNA'S. This can't be happening, he can't live without her, what the hell, show!!????

Harvey's hair: 6/10. Only because under certain light it looked a little bit too blond for my taste.
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