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Suits, 2.04: Discovery

AMAZING. This season continues to be a Harvey/Mike shipper's paradise, does it not? As well as an awesome showcase for Macht and Adams - and every other actor on the show as well, but especially those two. I'm relieved and delighted that the creative team understands, adores, and takes full advantage of the chemistry between their gorgeous leading men; Mike and Harvey are the extremely attractive beating heart of the show, and as long as they continue to dedicate lots and lots and lots of time to exploring and developing that relationship, Suits will remain glorious. They're just so damn good together - whether you slash them or not, it's a joy to watch them interacting.

Of course, if you slash them their scenes together are also phenomenally sexy. I mean, I hate saying stuff like this because it's annoying for people who don't ship it, but whatever I'm pretty sure everyone reading this post is in my camp on this one so I'm just gonna say it: their attraction to each other is basically canon to me now. And just to be clear, I'm talking about their sexual attraction to each other. Like, I really do think they find each other sexually attractive. The inappropriateness...we have to talk about how inappropriate their relationship is every single week okay, because it's the best thing about them, right? Right. Mike actually asked Harvey if he was allowed to have sex. oh dear god when they talk about sex...it's so erotic...i seriously cannot handle it...but I'll come back to that later because it's important and in the meantime let's talk about the episode and let's start at the beginning.

Hardman wants Mike (because everyone wants Mike) but Louis lies and says he can't have him right now because Mike's is working for Louis. Am I being dense but what is Louis's motivation here? I'm struggling to figure it out. Is it part of the everyone wanting Mike thing? Or is he trying to prevent Mike forming an alliance with Hardman? And if so, why? Is this just a plot contrivance or is there a reasonable explanation for Louis's weird Mike possessiveness that simply hasn't occurred to me?

I love that Harvey refuses to give Mike to Louis. I love that Harvey owns Mike. Mike belongs to him. Mike is his to trade and punish (and flirt with). I love that Mike is totally fine with this.

Harvey: Hands off the vinyl, junior.
Mike: *continues handling Harvey's vinyl* Ten o'clock. Nice of you to join us.
Harvey: I was closing Cranston this morning.
Mike: Oh yeah, couldn't get it done by nine, huh?
Harvey: You're a little lippy for a Monday.

LOL. Mike's just hanging out in Harvey's office - which is basically also Mike's office at this point because he's there nearly as much as Harvey is, plus he's allowed to be there, just hanging out, even when Harvey's not there. And then Mike commits the cardinal sin of insulting Harvey's music and accusing Harvey of being a fan of Hanson and Selena Gomez and Harvey is forced to punish him. This is how their storyline kicks off. Mike misbehaves and Harvey punishes him. Thank you for being you, Suits.

"Come here, Lippy, I wanna show you something." Harvey says, grabbing Mike by the arm and bodily hauling him out of the office.
Even then Mike won't stop baiting him. "Oh yeah, you've got Bieber fever?"


Harvey punishes Mike by giving him to Louis. Mike looks absolutely horrified but also knows he deserves everything he gets, and Harvey looks delighted with himself as he negotiates the terms of Mike's punishment with Louis, showing Mike exactly what he can and will do to him if he's insubordinate, and Mike's all, "Harvey Harvey Harvey" he just keeps saying his name like, "i know i've been bad daddy but please don't send me away i wuv you". But Harvey shows no mercy (until later in the episode of course when he realizes he can't actually function without Mike but I'm getting ahead of myself) and then this happens.

Louis: What can I do to him?
Harvey: What do you wanna do to him? (the way Gabriel delivered this line was so sexual oh sweet jesus the homoerotic subtext in this show is burning me)
Mike: Harvey! (lol)
Louis: Things.
Mike: That is not a legitimate answer. (lolol)

Ew, Travis Tanner's back. I actually really hate this guy. He's a slimy piece of shit and he's got it in for Harvey and that makes him my enemy. I can't wait for Harvey to destroy him.

Jessica wants Harvey to make the lawsuit go away without Hardman finding out about it, which I can already tell is a bad idea that will come back to bite them both in the ass, but the way this storyline gets resolved in one of the final scenes of the episode actually made me applaud out loud. Because Jessica and Harvey's relentless hostility towards Hardman was nearing the point where it was starting to make not much sense. If it had gone on any longer it would have been frustrating I think. Because Hardman is intelligent and crafty but their mistrust of him is based on the man he used to be, and yet the evidence we've been given suggests he really has changed. That's not to say he won't turn on them, or that he is *definitely* a changed man, but until we're given some textual evidence that he's out to get Jessica I have to take him at face value, and so does she. Which may be naive of me, but it is the outcome I want - I would FAR prefer for them all to be allies, that's more interesting to me, as well as more pleasurable for me, because it means Hardman is a character I can continue to like. What can I say, I prefer liking characters, and I really, really like Hardman right now.

I've always loved Louis and Mike together - Patrick and Rick play off each other beautifully, and the tension between them is wonderfully comical (and later in the episode really quite poignant), and Louis's treatment of his underlings is as inappropriate as Harvey's - it's the Pearson Hardman way after all, thank the gods of television - and so when he's laying down the law to Mike about what he expects of him over the coming weeks, he finishes with:

Louis: And here's the most important thing. No sex of any kind. Weakens legs, clouds your judgment. Got it?
Mike: I'm not sure I do.
Louis: Good. *he walks away and then calls over his shoulder* No sex. No sex!
Mike: Got it!

lol the look on Mike's face.

More Harvey/Mike deliciousness, as Mike strolls back into Harvey's office and tries to worm his way back into Harvey's good graces.

Mike. Okay, haha, joke's on me.
Harvey: Aren't you Louis's boy?
Mike: Yes, I get it, no more fondling the vinyl.
Harvey: Or besmirching the good name of The Spinners.
Mike: Yes, I totally deserve to be handed over to the poor man's Lex Luthor for that. Please, Harvey, you have to get me back.


They are RIDICULOUS. Mike hates not being with Harvey at all times. Which Harvey already knows, he just wants to hear Mike say it. They're both so needy.<3

Mike calls Louis the "Captain of Mixed Metaphors" and then he says about Travis Tanner's accusation of fraud, "Isn't that like the pot accusing the kettle of fraud?" Because Louis is rubbing off on Mike and for some reason I find that both hilarious and adorable.

Hilarious and sexy is how Mike keeps begging Harvey to take him back, and not exclusively even, he's happy to work with Louis too, he'll work with Harvey in secret if he has to, he'll work for them both, he just wants so desperately to work with Harvey because Harvey is his reason for living. I mean come on show, you're not even subtle about how much they love each other. And now Harvey actually wants him back because he's totally over the vinyl argument but he can't let himself have Mike back (yet) because his honor's at stake and it's too risky. But he's REGRETFUL about not being able to take Mike back. He WANTS to. But he can't. (yet. Hahha.haa)

Mike: He says that I can't have sex while I'm working with him. Is that really his call?
Harvey: Well he is your commanding officer.


Why would Mike tell Harvey this? What possible reason could he have for asking Harvey whether or not he's allowed to have sex? WHAT IS THIS RELATIONSHIP. HOW DID THIS DIALOGUE GET PAST THE CENSORS?

Harold's crush on Rachel and the way Rachel deals with it = A+++++++
She's so far out of his league and he's so funny and cute and I love seeing characters interact who haven't interacted before, and i love how much this show clearly adores Harold - he's been in every episode so far this season right? - he's the clown that keeps on giving and I find him supremely loveable.

Harvey gets fired, and then calls Mike and tells him he needs him after all and Mike's smile is the smile of true happiness because doing things for Harvey is what he was made for.

oh god Donna/Mike!!!!!!1111111!!!! I guess this show wants me to ship all the pairings. Because what the fuck I am so into this. As in, I would be totally psyched if these two hooked up in the show, just for one night of hot sex. It's now canon that they find each other attractive. She smacked him on the ass twice as she passed him and it seemed like such a totally normal thing for her to do that I didn't even notice the first time I watched the episode, it wasn't until the rewatch that I noticed and was like what the fuck did she just SMACK HIS ASS? TWICE??? *rewinds* Yes. Yes she did. And the way Mike LOOKS at her when he says thanks just before he leaves? Holy shit. He's thinking about Donna giving him a blowjob. That is what he is thinking about when he says thanks and smiles at her and widens his eyes a little bit as if to say 'yes oh my god i would be totally into that', and the look on *her* face once he's gone and she replies, "you're welcome". because she would be totally into sucking his cock too. Ugh, so sexy. this show has all the ships.

Louis blows Mike's mind, and they're starting to get into a good rhythm working together, even though Mike's not over the moon when he finds out it could go on for months. Although it's not the end of the world because he's back together with Harvey. Lucky Mike.

Mike: Um. I think I didn't find something.
Harvey: Let me not have it then.

*wibbles* Their banter is glorious.

I'm choosing to believe that Rachel's big collection of staplers are all presents from her many admirers.

Harvey and Jessica continue to make bad decisions because they think they're at war with Hardman. Stop it, you two!

omg Louis being awesome and Mike getting all excited about it and realizing that he's actually really enjoying working with him and then Louis trying to do movie quotes with Mike because he wants to have the same kind of relationship with Mike that Harvey has (but without the sex), only Mike doesn't have that kind of bond with Louis, it's a Mike/Harvey thing, and Louis can't get in on that action, the chemistry's just not there (POOR LONELY LOUIS). Mike has a photographic memory and he still didn't spot Louis's reference. Because the chemistry's just not there. :'(

Harvey getting angry and physical and slamming that horrible ex-client down onto the bonnet of the car? hottttttt. I love me some angry Harvey.

"Even if I didn't want to, I'd have to. But I want to." GUH. I'm giving his hair an 8 this week just because I find him so attractive in this scene (and every other scene). but also I really am enjoying the shorter, spikier, Mikier style now, and I'm happy with the color too.

God I love Mike. I love that he tells Louis that he really enjoyed working with him (and it's cute how much that means to Louis), but then when Louis tries to blame Harvey for Mike's former hostility towards him Mike drops a massive truth bomb by laying the blame entirely at Louis's feet, where it belongs. Awesome continuity, show. Well done. *claps*

Mike is a terrible liar. When Louis asks him what Harvey's up to and Mike says he doesn't know, it's obvious he's lying, he does that cute blinking thing - the cute blinking thing is his tell. <3

Okay this scene requires me to quote it in its entirety, because:

Mike: Um...Louis's parts are tingling
Harvey: I don't wanna know what that means or how you know that.
Mike: It means he knows you're hiding something.
Harvey: If everything goes like I expect there won't be anything to hide.
Mike: Good, because it doesn't feel right lying. I actually kind of like working with him.
Harvey: Mm, he's not a bad lawyer.
Mike: No, I mean, we have fun.
Harvey: You guys thinking about moving in together?
Mike: Jealous?

*FLAILS* Mike is so obviously trying to make Harvey jealous and it is so obviously working. This is the slashiest show I've ever seen in my life.

Harvey rejects Louis's offer to help him and then Mike and Harvey have a conversation about Louis that reveals the extent of Harvey's contempt for Louis - that Louis secretly records on his beloved dictaphone. And it was a smart move to replay the entire conversation in full so we could hear it through Louis's ears, because boy does it sound so much worse. People are always more honest when they don't think they're being listened to, and not only does Harvey think Louis is pathetic for wanting to be him (OUCH), Mike noticed, pointed it out to Harvey, and more importantly *agrees* that Louis is pathetic and can't be trusted. He's more diplomatic about it than Harvey but he still said it and that's gotta hurt. For Louis to hear that, for him to be privy to their private conversation and to witness the bond between them, the bond that Louis has never had with another human being, maybe never will...heart-breaking. I don't always respect the way he handles himself but I understand him. He's a sympathetically written character, and Rick Hoffman is a great actor. Muchos kudos.

Hardman's angry speech to Harvey and Jessica was AWESOME. Daniel Hardman ftmfw.

"What the hell gives you two the right to hide a lawsuit against my firm from me?"

The thing I love most about this scene is that Hardman is absolutely right and I'm totally on his side and now they're going to all team up and that is VERY EXCITING. Enemies finding common ground and working together to defeat a common foe/for the greater good is a favorite story trope of mine, and I feel like these three will make a formidable team and hopefully they will all then live happily ever after. SIGH.

"Are the two of you so short-sighted that you'll allow your distaste of me to impair your ability to run this firm?"

BOOM. Our heroes needed a reality check and there it is, and now Hardman's going to give them the chance to redeem themselves because he has the firm's best interests at heart, whereas Jessica is prioritizing her grudge against him to the firm's detriment, which has to stop.

Jessica: What are you proposing?
Hardman: We fight them togehter.
Jessica: Okay.

*Daniel leaves*

Harvey: You trust him?
Jessica: At the moment we don't really have a choice.


Yet again Mike and Louis fail at doing movie quotes. Because Louis is so badly hurt by Mike not loving him as much as he loves Harvey.

Harvey: How's your budding bromance with Louis?
Mike: Evidently it's over.
Harvey: So fickle is the heart.


DONNA. *gasps* This is a really fucking good storyline. A first for Donna. Thank you season two for actually giving this character something to do other than react to the other characters. I'm super psyched about this, because it's huge. She fucked up so badly and letting Harvey down like this...oh god it crushes her. That - very well acted - final scene...she looks so destroyed and what's great is that the show really *earned* that moment, because they've established so well and so thoroughly how incredibly special and highly functional her and Harvey's relationship is; her feelings for him, her loyalty to him, how much they need each other. This is seriously devastating. Can't wait to see how it plays out next week.

Rock on with your bad self, S2. ♥
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