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monday morning ugh i need some s2 suits icons my life is so hard

Fandom is really getting me down atm. I got a horrible rude insulting comment on Upside Down and Inside Out on Saturday morning (the person has since deleted it after I thoroughly smacked her down) but it's left me feeling completely...dejected and insecure and upset. Even though I know intellectually that it's not worth taking seriously, I can't stop thinking about it and wondering why a total stranger would do that to me. And now every time I think about writing something new I feel nauseous. But ugh, I'm not one to dwell on the negative so hopefully I'll move on from this super fast and be back in the saddle before the week's out. Because so far this season of Suits is glorious and it deserves all the porn.

The cat situation is not improving. The problem is that Charlie is terrified of Bella and that doesn't look to change any time soon. I bought a (very expensive) plug-in which releases synthetic pheromones into the air that's supposed to help these kinds of situations, but it's done jack shit. Yesterday I put Bella in a cage so she couldn't attack Charlie, and she was totally fine, just sat there calmly, not bothered at all. But Charlie still couldn't handle being around her and hid behind the couch until I gave up and took Bella away again. I'm running out of ideas. :(

lol what a glum monday morning post this is. sorry. let's make things better with a gif of one of my favourite Mike and Harvey moments from 2.02:

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