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Suits, 2.02: The Choice

I'm going to start this post by thanking the gods of television for making Harvey's hair quite a few shades darker this week. If things keep progressing in this manner soon his hair will be the proper colour again. I know I said I wasn't going to talk about it, but that was a lie because I'm obsessed with Harvey's hair and I guess I don't care who knows it. tbh I'll probably do a bit each week on the state of Harvey's hair. Ooh, perhaps I should rate it out of ten? Yes, that's brilliant. This week he gets points for styling - I found it pleasingly modern - but he loses points for it not being quite dark enough yet, and also because, while the style was cool, it doesn't look as awesome as his perfect late season 1 hair. 6/10

Which is a good score btw. Last week he woulda got 1/10.

Anyway. *coughs*


Characters making choices. Harvey choosing Mike over Jessica. Mike choosing Harvey over Rachel. Louis choosing Hardman (whose office is very beautiful, lbr) over Jessica.

The conflict in all the storylines pleased me and I love how much they've upped the stakes this year. Last season Harvey behaved like he was impervious to harm; seeing him treat his and Mike's secret with the seriousness it deserves is great, and long overdue. Harvey is as vulnerable as Mike is, and now so is Jessica.

The Mike/Rachel storyline was sensational from start to finish I thought. Before things imploded I was absolutely and totally into what they were doing and I wanted them to go home together and have sex and I liked all the flirting and that kiss was fucking hot and my heart broke for Rachel when I realized what Mike would have to do. LE SIGH. Patrick and Meghan played it to perfection, and I thought they had tons of chemistry. I just really enjoy the way Mike looks at her and flirts with her. Not only does he like and respect her, he wants to fuck her. He's not above objectifying her and sorry but I find that really hot.

Harvey: "Everybody loves me."

lol apparently not. Apparently every department hates Harvey because he's right all the time.

Real Estate hates him because, "There was a thing once, with a guy. A couple of guys." Interpret that how you will.

And then Mike walks in with a pineapple flower, which he convinces Harvey to taste, by talking for the pineapple in Cartman's voice - "I love you Harvey" - and then because Harvey is apparently incapable of resisting Mike's offer of sweet, juicy tropical fruit, he takes the pineapple from Mike and takes a bite. "Spectacular," he says. Mike gazes at the pineapple and snatches it back.

As if that's a normal thing to do.

They shared food. That's so intimate it can't even be called subtext. Regardless, I think we can all agree that it's a beautiful demonstration of their inappropriate closeness.

Okay I'm kind of shipping Louis/Donna now. Is that bad? I don't care if it is. It started when I saw that 'out out damn spot' webisode, and then they played up Louis's attraction to her in this episode, and I feel like...okay she's not into him, but she definitely enjoys that he's into her, which means she's not disgusted by him, and they have stuff in common and I feel like they'd have a really fun and adventurous sex life. Right? Right.

I love that Rachel dislikes Hardman. She's on the right side and she's loyal to the right people, without even being in on the loop. Because she's awesome.

blah blah case stuff bankruptcy madison 25 yadda yadda recession

Bruce Springsteen: a 'goddamn octogenarian". lolol.

"You said 'got wind.'" Harvey's reaction to that: A+++++++

"But there is another way." Harvey doesn't look amazed enough for Mike's liking. "What, you don't wanna hear it?"
"Course I wanna hear it. Since when do I take marching orders from a bow tie?"

I suspect maybe it's not just Harvey's ego that gets in the way of him not closing the client by convincing him to declare bankruptcy, but his GIANT HEART. He knows what he should do, for Paul and for Jessica, but it's just so much better to do it Mike's way, to do the risky, righteous thing, because the client wants it, and this client is a good guy and Harvey wants to help him.

He and Mike are becoming each other. *sobs*

"I like to read." BOOM. I love how Mike just slips that in there, like, 'my enjoyment of reading has enabled me to best you, Evil Bank Lady, mwahahaha'. Such a cocky little shit. <3

But like, the thing that makes this show so special - as well as so appealing to fangirls - is that Harvey and Mike are an amazing team (and Patrick and Gabriel's chemistry is off the charts amazing). They love working together, they take enormous pleasure in the back and forth banter and playing off each other when they're facing their foe. That scene with the Bank Lady? They're having FUN. Oh god let them always be together.

Rachel was arrested! homg. what the fuck for. It's going to remain a mystery to all of us, isn't it. Tell me your theories!

"Honesty. I love that in a man."

"I know that we joked about not going home together..." And then Mike knocks her back. Even though she's perfect and hot and up for it, because he won't cross that line. If he sleeps with her there's no going back, they're in a serious relationship, and if he does that without her knowing the truth about him...it would be unforgivable. Which, btw, I agree with completely. This isn't a one night stand with a random, this is starting a relationship with a woman you're falling in love with. You can't do that with a lie that huge hanging over your heads.

Poor Mike. Her words about loving honesty hit home and he realized he couldn't do this thing with her while he was lying to her. Not a particularly *original* reason for keeping two lovers apart (I watched 10 seasons of Smallville remember. Clark's fucking secret, always the obstacle.) but it's a reason I respect and admire. Because Rachel's got it BAD. Her feelings for Mike are real and powerful - there's no two ways about it, she's in love with him. The stakes this season? VERY HIGH. It kills me how much Mike hurts her here, but because Mike's doing it for the right reasons, I can't take sides. That's the best kind of dramatic conflict doncha know!

Mike goes to Harvey's apartment, because he can't make big decisions like this without permission.

Harvey's apartment. I don't even know what to say. It's...nothing like I imagined? There's something monstrously unhomely about it and I didn't feel a connection between Harvey and the space, but I probably just have to keep watching those scenes until it sinks in, and anyway. He looks hot in a tux. So whatever.

"Oh here we go, Days of Our Lives."


Oooh Harvey has a girlfriend! She is an extremely beautiful woman with a knowing smile, who is putting on the earrings she took off earlier in preparation for sex. All the hot, dirty sex she was having with Harvey all evening. Jesus. They fuck, they put on their evening finery and they hit the town. He's in a TUX.

What is Harvey's life? WHO IS THIS MAN?

I don't know why it gives me a thrill when Mike and Harvey meet up directly after sexytimes. Like, Mike was on hot date with Rachel, he heads straight to Harvey's place, and there's Harvey, freshly laid.

It's not appropriate!

"I'm gonna tell Rachel. Everything."
"No you're not."

Quoting that for the sole reason that Gabriel's line delivery there was horny as fuck.

But also, it's hot when Harvey tells Mike what to do.

And also, he's fucking right and Mike knows it, and I love this entire scene.

"I'm not spreading it around, I'm telling Rachel. She's on our side."
"No she's not. Because when you do something stupid, which won't take very long, you don't know what she'll do."

YES OMG. Like, you enter into a romantic relationship with someone, you can no longer count on their friendship. If it doesn't work out, all bets are off. That is a genuinely solid reason for keeping Rachel in the dark - not because Mike shouldn't trust her, but because why the fuck should Harvey? He doesn't know her, he doesn't trust anyone who hasn't earned it, and he's a man who understands that love and sex make people do things they wouldn't otherwise do. Both Harvey and Mike are right here. *grave nod*

Jessica visits Harvey at his place the next morning, and I love how Harvey assumes it's Mike and starts yelling at him before he even opens the door. THEY ARE UNNATURALLY CLOSE.

Donna tells Mike what Harvey did for him - "Harvey said it was a package deal; she fired you, she fired him" - and then it is heavily implied that Donna and Harvey had a thing back in the day. Interesting! That actually fits with her 'you can never go back' comment. Clearly they had feelings for one another early on and things nearly happened, but they decided it wasn't worth risking their friendship, so they moved on. And it clearly took Donna a very long time to get over him. :(

Jessica: "You hired that kid to amuse yourself. And now I'm vulnerable." *oh snap*

Gina Torres is so damn good. On the surface Jessica remains tough and composed, but Torres manages to convey all the hurt, fear and vulnerability she is clearly feeling, without seeming to do much. *acting!*

"Checking up on me?"
"Checking in on you."

Harvey loves Mike the end.
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