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Teen Wolf, 2.04: Abomination

"I'm everyone's type."

Uh. This is true I think? Because Colton Haynes is actually not my type, and Jackson is not my type, and yet. He is totally my favourite and I love him unconditionally.

So Lydia is the weird lizard thing right? That's why she punched her mirror in her bedroom because she saw her reflection and was all 'argh wtf is that'? Which means lizard!Lydia knows enough about itself to go home and get into bed after wreaking havoc and murdering innocents (a hole in my theory, as Derek claims the lizard doesn't know who s/he is).

I'm also baffled by why no one has told her what happened to her, so she's going through this horrible thing alone and confused. Like, what fucking shitty friends are these.

Derek making out with Erica was awesome - he's an extremely attractive disgusting perv. Tyler Hoechlin cannot act for shit, but as long as he continues doing inappropriate things with minors I'll forgive him anything.
Tags: tv: teen wolf
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