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The Anti Lana

Okay, to cheer myself up, I'm going to picspam you. With photos of KRISTIN!!!!

No, I am not pure evil. She is a freaking hot piece of ass when she's not playing Princess Lana.

This pic was almost cheerful enough to make me smile! Go Kristin!

I love this one because she looks older than she is. And wiser. And hornier. And like she'd fuck like a demon.

Speaking of fucking like a demon, this picture is the sex. I love her wet lips, her eyemakeup, her look of utter indifference. You can't touch her, and I don't mean that in a frigid way, I mean that in a I am too fucking gorgeous for you way.

And this is my favourite picture. The beautiful green eyes, the perfect mouth, the messy hair. I don't think I've ever seen her look so incredible.

Right. I'm going home now to feel sorry for myself.

Tags: picspam
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