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Suits: 2.01: She Knows


I'm going to mention upfront the two things about this episode I didn't like, just to get the negative stuff out of the way, because baby otherwise all I got is squee.

Mikes's "Black don't crack" line - gross - and Donna's "can I get you a tampon?" line - also gross. Just no, show. A world of no.

Other than that I thought the dialogue/characterisation/plot were all terrific.

There's so much to say so I'm just going to watch the episode again and babble about whatever occurs to me. Warning: this is going to be long and incoherent.

"Well I wouldn't want you to lie."

a;ldsjaksjdfkl;ajf There's something so fucking menacing about that line, and Gina's delivery was totally flawless: I love Jessica's composure; she's so smart and perceptive and present, nothing ruffles her. But the most important thing about the restaurant scene was that she got to see what it is about Mike that made Harvey do what he did. Because make no mistake, Jessica knew damn well that Harvey was in on it from the start and she made the decision to turn a blind eye so she didn't have to fire him. This episode was about establishing a relationship between Mike and Jessica, and it did a brilliant job of that, thanks in great part to the chemistry between PJA and Gina Torres. All the actors play off each other really well, which is why it's so exciting that they're exploring new alliances this season. In S1 Mike and Jessica barely interacted - and Mike was (adorably) terrified of her. Now she's in on the secret, which is fantastic, because there's only so long you can watch a character as fierce as Jessica being taken for a ride before it starts to make HER look foolish. So I'm wholeheartedly on board with this development. (Also, Mike thinks she's "incredible", and I totally ship it. Also, her wardrobe. DAMN, WOMAN.)

Mike: "Oh God."
Harvey: "What now?"
Mike: "What do I wear? What do I say? What do I wear?"
Harvey: "We can discuss the prom at recess."

D'awwwwww, Mike's gotten all image conscious, just like Daddy. Harvey gets ALL THE GREAT LINES. And then Mike does a hilarious Joe Pesci impersonation which Harvey is highly amused by even if he won't admit it. <3333333333

So we find out for sure that Mike's parents died in a car crash when he was eleven. But they weren't driving? I'm guessing we'll get the full story another time, but the 'case' Mike refers to seems to be implicating the restaurant for feeding Mr Fenton drinks "long after they knew..."? So Mr Fenton was driving I presume. So Mike's reason for getting into law is because that made him feel helpless and he didn't want to feel that way ever again. Okay. (EDIT: DUH, I'm an idiot. They were hit by a drunk driver - Fenton. Thanks moosesal!)

Mike's dancing to his ipod = FAVOURITE. Happy!Mike makes me so happy, even when I know it's all going to come crashing down around him. His cuteness is off the scale.

Let's talk about Rachel for a second. [quick aside: I love how what happened with Rachel in this story is not TOO dissimilar to my Rachel/Harvey story. *BOOM* second quick aside: I will KILL for some meaningful Rachel/Harvey interaction this season. please please please make it happen gods of television] but in the meantime I enjoyed all of the Mike/Rachel scenes, and while they'll never be my otp, the long hiatus has resulted in me being invested in their inevitable romantic future. It's going to happen, let's embrace it I say. It started off so good, with the cute flirty banter and then she was all, "You're awfully chipper. Maybe you got some good news?" She thought he was happy because of her message! BUT HE DIDN'T EVEN KNOW ABOUT THE MESSAGE! AND SO OF COURSE SHE THOUGHT HE WAS REJECTING HER! Normally contrived misunderstandings like that annoy me, but in this context it all made perfect sense, because no one would actually say, "did you get my message? You know the one where I told you I'm totes into you?" NO ONE WOULD DO THAT. You're dumb enough to drunk dial your crush, the consequences of that are: the ball's in their court. And Donna's point that 'everyone gets their messages' is exactly right, because what are the odds that the one super important message you leave on someone's phone is the one message they don't get? Rachel and Donna have no idea about Trevor, so Mike not mentioning the message must mean he doesn't feel the same way and Rachel just has to deal with that.

EXCEPT THAT HE DIDN'T EVEN GET THE MESSAGE. It's all gonna be okay, Rachel honey.

"I do okay with the cougars." *dying* I bet you do, Mike. (I want Mike/Jessica fic so bad right now.)

lol Harvey thinks he's going to fire Mike, but then Mike comes in being adorable and happy and Harvey's cold black heart melts before our eyes.

"WWHD: What Would Harvey Do?"

Not fire Mike, that's for sure. The shipper in me pretty much keeled over when Harvey touched Mike's wrist btw, and the way Harvey said, "Mike, sit down," was very sexy. Right up until the last minute he thinks he's going to fire Mike but then love wins out over self-preservation and he tells him he's proud of him instead. PLEASE BE A DELETED SCENE ON THE S2 DVD PLEEEEASE. Of course, it DESTROYS Mike. Because it's like, all he ever wanted to hear, that Harvey's proud of him (*FLAIL*) and and he can't talk right now, he's shell-shocked, he needs to be alone to process this momentous event, and *sobbing* god this show is so hilarious. I don't think it means to be as slashy as it is but that it's accidental only makes it better.

And then Donna and Harvey fight over who loves Mike more and (tampon comment aside) it's adorable because neither wants to admit that they love him even though it's obvious they both do.

Jenny dumps Mike and leaves him with the news that Trevor has ruined his life. OUCH! I remember last season not wanting those two to break up but it felt right to me, and I'm looking forward to seeing where they go with this relationship next.

Mike then goes to confront Harvey and yet again we get an extremely slashy Mike/Harvey scene:

- Mike sees the look on Harvey's face and instantly knows the truth: that Harvey knew what was going on and kept it from Mike.
- Harvey hangs up the phone because talking to Mike is more important than doing work (remember last season when Harvey scolded Mike for barging into his office while he was on the phone? How times have changed.)
- "What are we gonna do?"
"We got no choice. We have to leave the country."
"I can get us two tickets to Buenos Aires and have the chopper on the telepad in ten minutes."

Like, what an asshole, right? As Mike points out, "She knows and you know she knows and you're joking about my life - what the hell is wrong with you?" lol quite.

But let's unpack the joke itself, because, and I really don't think you need slash goggles to see what I'm saying here, the flirting is not even subtextual: Harvey suggested the two of them run away together. That's unequivocal. Harvey said it which means Harvey has thought about it. And now I want an AU where they're outlaws on the run together.

I love PJA in this scene. So much is going on - he's panicking and angry and afraid and he needs Harvey more than he's ever needed him; but Harvey is not (outwardly) sympathetic to outbursts of emotion - hence the douchey (but extremely sexy) jokes. In true Harvey Specter fashion though, he's fighting tooth and nail behind Mike's back to save him. He can't TELL Mike he loves him, so he SHOWS him instead. HIS DEVOTION IS PURE.

Hardman! I'm quite familiar with David Costabile, having seen him in The Wire, Damages and Breaking Bad, and he's one of those actors who walks the likability line in a really interesting way. The standard of acting on this show is high (there isn't a dud in the cast) and Costabile should hopefully be a great addition. At this point I don't like the character one bit, but I am fascinated by him. I like that we don't know yet if he really is a changed man, or if Jessica and Harvey are right and that he's there to take them down. It could go either way, which is a good thing from a narrative point of view, because it creates a lot of dramatic tension, and I suspect the outcome of Hardman's arrival will fall somewhere between those two poles. There's no way he's going to be such a changed man that he doesn't cause J&H a lot of trouble (this is a drama after all, and he's been brought in as the foil to our heroes) but I'd like to think his intentions are more complex than that; I far prefer the idea that he genuinely believes he's changed, than that he's faking it and really is as one-dimensionally evil as J&H think he is.

"There can be only one." Harvey quoting Highlander at the funeral? LOLOLOL. ♥ (also, and I'm only going to say this once, while he is still the hottest man on the planet, I really do miss his dark hair.)

Yet again the show gives me a reason to ship Louis/Harold. I mean seriously. Their relationship is nearly as intimate/inappropriate as Harvey and Mike's.

Jessica cutting a deal with Harvey so he can keep Mike: *FLAIL* Like, Harvey bet Mike for nothing last season, now he'll do whatever it takes to keep him. WHATEVER IT TAKES.

Harvey: "What makes you think I'm not fighting for you?"

Oh, this conversation. *weeps* Mike knew Harvey was going to fire him because he can remember the look on Harvey's face "clear as a bell". MY POOR GENIUS BABY. But he does need to get over it because Harvey DIDN'T fire him. Because of caring.

Harvey: "You have to trust me. You are not getting fired on my watch."
Mike: "I trust you."


Nice to see Grammy again, and nice to know that Mike thinks he might be Superman. ♥ ♥ ♥

Harvey threatening Hardman alskfjklafda way to make me horny, Gabriel Macht. WHY IS HE DOING THIS? "To protect my own." that's Mike he's talking about. Jessica too, but MOSTLY MIKE HAHAHA. Oh how I love you, show of my heart.

Mike's a badass lawyer in this episode--if a little cocky--but I really enjoyed seeing him do so well on the case without any help. His hubris will come back and bite him in the ass, of that I have no doubt, but it's gonna make for good drama and I can't wait.

"Go home now. Don't come back."
*Mike leaves*

As Mel said in her post: the best thing about this moment was that Mike trusted Harvey enough to follow the order without objection or question, or really even visible upset.



Mike's confrontation with Trevor was AWESOME. I can't wait to see what happens between these two this season. I love the tension between them - with all that history and how much they know about each other, how well they know each other, Mike saying he doesn't give a shit about him any more is Mike trying to HURT Trevor, not Mike telling the truth. He's angry (and rightly so!) but there's no way he's indifferent. I'm unspoiled and I have no idea if Trevor and Jenny are going to be in the show much this season, but I hope they continue to explore that area of Mike's life, because it adds such an interesting dynamic to the show and their presence makes the world of the show feel much richer. People aren't just their jobs and Mike's the only character whose life outside of work we've been allowed to see, and the show would suffer if we lost that imo.

Jessica: "What matters is I don't ever want to see Mike Ross in this office again."
Harvey: "That's not gonna happen."
Jessica: "Excuse me?"
Harvey: "I'm not firing him."
Jessica: "Then I'll fire him."
Harvey: "No you won't."


Harvey: "He goes, I go."

Harvey: "You need me, and I'm not staying without Mike."



Harvey's plan is beautiful and Jessica's in their little club of secrets and now she has to help Harvey protect Mike (who everyone is in love with - have you noticed that? Like, every character in the show is in love with Mike. That's my story and I'm sticking to it) and now Mike knows about Rachel's message and everything is sunshine and roses.

TLDR! Hahaha. my reviews will not normally be this long I promise.
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