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chapter 3

Chapter 3 of Upside Down and Inside Out is now up.

Not sure exactly when the last chapter will go up but hopefully early next week. It's mostly finished, I just need to write one more sex scene (lol) and get Mel to check it over.


I've been reading Teen Wolf fic recently, mostly because I discovered my perfect author. My favourite of the stories of hers I've read so far is this glorious Derek/Stiles spanking fic, which hits so many of my kinks I can't even tell you. But she also wrote the Derek/Jackson fic I've been wanting - I love forever that her AN starts with "This fic is some sketchy shit." You know you've been in fandom too long when a note like that makes you go like this: \o/
Tags: fic, fic: suits, recs, tv: teen wolf, writing
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