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Fic, AO3, TV I'm watching, or not...

AO3 is really fucked, huh? errr, so I might post my fic here as well after all. The only thing holding me back at this point is laziness, but fyi, chapter 2 is now up (if you can get the damn thing to load).

I've taken Friday off work so I can spend all day wallowing in Suits. I CAN'T BELIEVE IT'S NEARLY HERE. *sobs*

I haven't talked much about all the other TV I've been watching for a while so, in brief:


LOVE THIS SHOW. It's not perfect, but I'm a big fan of revenge as a theme, and I love competent badass female protagonists, so Emily's my girl. Victoria and Conrad are magnificent bastards who I could watch sniping at each other all day. Also, Nolan. And Nolan/Emily. (Not in a way where I'm desperate to read a lot of porn about them, but in a way where there's one story I want and it's a super twisted D/s story in which Emily is the baddest bitch Domme you've ever seen and Nolan worships the ground she walks on.) I love that Nolan is bisexual and that he had sex with crazy gay(?) hustler Tyler. We need more male bisexual characters on television. WE NEED MORE TYLER. *weeps* Villains should always be as gleeful and unrepentant as Tyler, and they should always survive ahead of dreadful, boring characters like Daniel Grayson. Like seriously. Daniel Grayson surviving the season was the worst thing to ever happen. I've never been so disappointed by a fake-out in my entire life.

New Girl

Schmidt, omg. I love all the characters but it's worth watching the show just for Schmidt. He's so, so, so funny. It's really wonderful seeing Max Greenfield land such a perfect role - he made such an impression in Veronica Mars, and now he's one of the most hilarious characters on television. I will be surprised/outraged if he's not nominated for an Emmy.

Funnily enough the thing that put me off watching this show at first was that it stars Zooey Deschanel, who I stopped liking a while back (mostly because of the film "500 Days of Summer"), so I just assumed I wouldn't like her in this. But I ADORE her. I find Jess both funny and immensely likeable, and I'm super glad to be back on board the Zooey train.


Last night I tried the first episode of Fairly Legal, because I really like Sarah Shahi, but I don't think I care about it enough to keep watching.

I adore Veep. I could watch those characters being objectionable assholes all day long.

I also love Girls. Controversial! But, like with every single thing I watch, I can acknowledge where and how a show is problematic and still enjoy it, and I find Girls to be one of the most unique, smart and funny shows on TV right now. And due to the massive backlash against it I fully expect Lena Dunham to bring in a major character of colour next season (unlike, say, Matt Weiner, who, five seasons in, still won't give a CoC an actual storyline and yet the world at large gives him a fucking pass on that. wtf.) If she doesn't I'll be disappointed, but I'll still watch, because. It's TV. And no television show gets everything right and if I stopped watching shows because of 'isms, I wouldn't have anything to watch.


I think I've given up on Game of Thrones. Apparently I would rather start a new show from scratch and watch all of that, than watch the next episode of GoT. I'm now several behind and the thought of catching up fills me with horror, which says it all really. A part of me still feels like I SHOULD watch it, but then I'll start casting around for something, anything, else to watch. Same thing happened with Boardwalk Empire, which I gave up on early into s2.

SHOW RECS? (Go here for the list of shows I already watch.)
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