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Couple weeks ago a uni friend of mine who recently followed me on twitter told me off for spoiling Mad Men. But it's like...you can't cut for spoilers on twitter. There's no such thing as spoiler etiquette on twitter. Right? I thought everyone knew that. I'm a spoilerphobe myself, but I know better than to expect twitter to be considerate, given that the point of the platform is to, afaic, tweet your feelings while you're having them. I'm hardly going to wait an appropriate amount of time after an episode airs (which is what? How the fuck do I know when people are going to get around to watching an episode of television?) before tweeting my emotional reaction to it. I didn't even plot-spoil the episode; I mood-spoiled it - but I can't wait a week, or even a day, to say "I'm so upset about what happened in this episode" because by then I won't be upset. I'll no longer give a fuck about it. So, in fact, the alternative is to just not tweet at all. What are your thoughts on this issue? I now intend not to tweet about Mad Men ever again, but I feel terribly stifled.


For my own sanity, when Suits comes back I will be avoiding the internet like the plague until after I've seen the episode because I know it's the only safe way to protect myself from spoilers - and also because I get major anxiety when I'm around people who know stuff I don't.

Speaking of Suits, I plan be around on LJ a lot more this summer. It's been years since I've been fannishly invested enough in a show to write weekly episode reviews, but I definitely want to write about every episode this season. So I hope there are still Suits fans left on LJ who will be interested in coming and squeeing with me about how hot (and hot for each other) Harvey and Mike are.


In other news, we got a new flatmate (Emma) the other day and she has a cat (Bella). I was really looking forward to this momentous event because I’ve wanted a second cat for ages, but as her moving in day approached I started feeling apprehensive about it because I knew Charlie would freak out. I did a bit of research about introducing cats to each other, and we’re doing it slowly - currently Bella is shut up in Emma's bedroom and we’re planning on feeding them in the same room on Saturday. But before they’d even seen each other Charlie knew something was up and yesterday he brought Emma a dead bird (although that was probably more a gift for me only I was not around to receive it), and then when I got home he brought me a second bird, this one not quite dead. So I was feeling emotionally fragile anyway and this dying little bird (because Charlie only ever catches babies) made me sob my face off, and I couldn’t do the merciful thing and ‘put it out of its misery’ or whatever, because I’m incapable of killing an animal, so I just left it outside on the table, and when I went back a little while later it was dead, and that made me burst into tears all over again. And I assume he’s just trying to assert his dominance but the research hadn’t warned me that something like this might happen and it really blindsided me and it was horrible. So then last night we decided to see what would happen if they saw each other. Bella, who seems more dominant than my Charlie, hissed and scowled at him, whereas Charlie just got increasingly agitated. And then a bit later when Kirsty tried to groom him (he gets a crusty nose and he always lets us pick his nose for him) he was having none of it. I’m actually scared now about what’s going to happen next. I thought it would be entertaining seeing the kitties become frenemies but instead I’m finding it quite traumatic. D:
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