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It's season finale season + suits

Hart of Dixie, 1.22: The Big Day ***Season Finale***

OMFG ZOE AND WADE. That sex scene was so hot watching it made me spontaneously combust. LOOOOOK. And now I am terrified Zoe is going to pull a Veronica and pick boring ol' perfect George. It's not that I don't like George or anything; George is a lovely guy! I get the appeal! But I don't get the sense that they're dying to rip each other's clothes off like I do when Zoe and Wade are in the same room.

Plus, Wade is so. much. hotter.

Plus, I have been DYING for this to happen since the very first episode and I think they built up to it brilliantly across the season. I'm just so happy that the pay off was as magnificent as it was, and that the creative team knew exactly what to do with them. Wade's seduction technique could not have been more perfect: he *talked* her into giving in to her baser urges just so they could get it out of their system and move on with their lives, and she was all, "I CAN'T FAULT YOUR LOGIC". Which: lol. For a second there, when they got interrupted in the barn just as Zoe had decided to go for it, I thought they were teasing us and had no intention of following through, so you can imagine my profound joy at discovering this show doesn't hate me after all. They established a traditional romance dynamic between Zoe/George (YAWN) but they apparently understand that the sexual tension between Zoe and Wade is what people are actually tuning in for. I also appreciate that they really played up the FUN they have together. They're hot for each other, they drive each other crazy, and fucking each other makes them both grin and giggle with happiness and pleasure, and I just. She can't just forget how good it is with Wade just because George is now a viable option, right? RIGHT?

How I Met Your Mother, 7.23-4: The Magician's Code ***Season Finale***

Okay, I'm pleased that Robin and Barney are getting married (assuming the wedding goes ahead) but there was something very anticlimactic about that episode, no? I especially couldn't give a fuck about Ted getting back together with Victoria. Who, while certainly more tolerable than the majority of his serious girlfriends, is not the mother so why the fuck should we care? I hate that they're not planning on introducing the mother until the final episode because I can't take much more of Ted's dating woes.


It is back SOON guys. Like, one month. ONE MONTH. I can quite honestly tell you that I have never in my life been so nervous and excited about a show returning. My over-investment in these characters has basically ruined my whole life - and I say that as someone who could really do without seeing the phrase 'life ruiner' ever again - because, and I'm totally serious about this, since Harvey/Mike took up residence in my pants, I have not given one single flying fuck about anything else, including finding a better job or doing well in school. [I did OKAY this year at uni, but I didn't get any firsts (yet - I still haven't got all my marks back, and I have an exam coming up, but tbh my expectations are low) and that sucks because in my first two years I kicked a lot of ass. Next year I hope I can find a better balance between fandom and school.]

I've been working on a fic for MONTHS too - it's now 30K+ and a bit of a mess, because I'm not used to writing long stories, but thatotherperv is helping me whip it into shape, so hopefully I will be able to post the damn thing some time in the next few weeks. I can't decide whether to post it in chapters or not, though, and I welcome your feedback on this. It's not so much that posting a long story in one go bothers me, but Mel did make the very good point that when there is a lot of sex in a long story (and there is a LOT of sex in this fic, shocker) readers can get desensitized to the hot. With that in mind, do you think it's better to dole it out in, say, four big chunks, or just post it as a massive one-shot and trust that my sex scenes are hot enough to keep working their magic? And if you do agree that chaptering the fic is a good idea, do I post once a day? Every second day? Every third? GIVE ME ADVICE, FLIST.

Or just do this poll.

Long fic

Post the whole thing at once
Chapter that bitch

And in exciting RL news, Suz is leaving the flat to move in with her boyfriend and we are getting a new (very nice) flatmate called Emma, who has a CAT. Charlie is going to be so angry about it, but eventually I'm sure they will learn to tolerate each other. I can't wait. I've even started researching the best way to force friendship on them. *glee*
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