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Blond Harvey

Was out with Sharan last night and now have one of those hangovers that means I will be doing no work whatsoever today. She didn't even bother coming in today. I'm not sure if that makes her a slacker or me a chump (or both).


I don't think I can put into words quite how freaked out I was about the possibility of a Blond Harvey next season. This is the promo that gave me nightmares (I'm not kidding. I DREAMT ABOUT BLOND HARVEY AND WOKE UP IN A COLD SWEAT.) because, and I think you should all agree with me, he DOES NOT LOOK LIKE HARVEY. I love Gabriel Macht with blond hair:


But Harvey Specter is tall, dark and handsome. It can be no other way. Which is why these Instagram pics that Patrick J. Adams has been taking of the cast over the past day or so have helped with my anxiety. It's a little bit hard to tell. But his hair looks dark again in them, right?




Also, holy crap, that one with Harvey and Rachel and Donna... *DEAD FROM HOT* I can't. I can't contain my excitement about this show coming back. I care way more about it than I do anything that's actually important. But like, ugh. THIS SHOW. THESE CHARACTERS. ♥ ♥ ♥


Speaking of Sharan and Suits, I made everyone I work with watch Suits when it aired here recently, and they all loved it, naturally, but what was really GREAT for me was being able to squee with Sharan over a tv show. She's not a fangirl in any way, shape or form, so that aspect of my life is not something I really share with her, but man, she LOVED Harvey, and was more than happy to talk about his epic hotness with me once a week. The other day we snuck to the pub at 4.30 (perks of working at a uni: there's a pub on campus) for a quick beer, and had this hilariously filthy conversation about all the things we'd like to do to Harvey Specter. She very much enjoys him in a three-piece, and loves the waistcoat so much her main fantasy involves him leaving it on (with his collar open) and just taking his pants off. My response was something along the lines of: he can leave his pants on too as long as he's got his dick out (which made her laugh long and hard [no pun intended], but then she totally agreed with me, because ultimately even a super hot guy wearing a top half and no bottoms would look silly).

This has been an entirely pointless post. Hello LJ!
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