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Nolan trolling ftw

LAST WEEK OF TERM!!!! I'm very excited about not having to go to class three nights a week any more, so I can go to the pub with Sharan instead.

And maybe, just maybe, I will finish all the fic I'm currently working on: an epic Harvey/Mike shmoop-fest, and, because thatotherperv got so excited about it, I am finally writing the Rachel/Harvey story I've been wanting since last year. I just made them kiss. THEY ARE MY (EXTREMELY ATTRACTIVE) PUPPETS AND I AM THEIR MASTER.


So after Inception came out I wrote a post in this LJ about how much I hated it (called "Why I hate Christopher Nolan") which still gets a fair bit of anonymous traffic. Turns out if you type 'i hate Christopher Nolan' into google, my post is the first link! Awesome.

Anyway, the comments are a glorious mixture of outraged trolling and whole-hearted agreement. I never would have imagined I'd enjoy being insulted so much, but there's something genuinely hilarious to me about how angry some people are with me - a stranger to them - because I happen to hate their favourite film director. But seriously, this comment never fails to make me laugh (I was going to quote the best bits but the whole thing is gold, so):

Christopher Nolan is a Genius
This article is ridiculous
-Nolan’s movies are some of the most commercially successful and critically acclaimed of All Time, and yet you claim he has no talent; - how stupid are you?? If Making Billions at the Box Office, having universal critical acclaim, and winning Oscars is your idea of having no talent then you obviously know nothing at all do you?
All the most respected critics in the world – people who know MUCH more about movies than you have acclaimed “Inception” as a veritable masterpiece, but somehow you seem to think you know better than all the critics. How deluded can you get? Inception also has one of the highest audience approval rates of any movie EVER made – but obviously you think you also know better than all the millions of fans out there. The film has made over $825 million at the global box office and is now officially one of the highest grossing movies of all time. So deal with it.
There are too many shallow, stupid and emotionally retarded people out there; these people go to see a film and come out complaining that they did not like it, without realising that the problem is NOT with the film, the problem is with THEM. Perhaps you are too dead on the inside to appreciate an emotional storyline; - Inception actually made many people cry including myself, and I’m a guy.
The story of inception was perfect – engaging, moving, thought provoking, the Screenplay which Nolan wrote was also nominated for Best Original Screenplay.
The score which you called “awful” was actually nominated for an Oscar
- Nolan is seen as a genius by most critics and most film fans, and there is NOTHING you can do about it. Nobody cares about your opinion. If you don’t like his batman films or Inception, then I’m guessing your taste in movies must be Horrendous. I would HATE to see the kind of movies you have on your shelf – Supergirl, Batman and Robin, Gigli, Swept away, The last Airbender, Glitter, Catwoman. I think you should stick with these kinds of movies and leave the good movies to normal human beings.


Every time I get a new comment on that post I reread that little gem and it fills me with happiness. Today's comment also made me laugh, as it begins like this:

I hate him as well and I hope he dies VERY soon

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