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Thoughts on Teen Wolf and Gabriel Macht's tragic career

Spent weekend doing two things: writing an essay about Catherine Breillat and Andrea Arnold and watching Teen Wolf.

[I also fit in a viewing of Gabriel Macht film A Love Song for Bobby Long, which, other than for the eye candy, I found pretty terrible. I mean, Gabe and Scarlet Johanssen don't even have sex or make out onscreen. WHY? I don't understand why they wouldn't make out onscreen. Or have sex. But mostly I just found it...inauthentic, kind of boring, and slightly embarrassing.

Has Gabriel ever made a good film? I have S.W.A.T. Firefight ready to watch too, but I'll save that for a weekend when I haven't already sat through a bad GM film (especially since everyone told me Bobby Long was awesome). A while ago I watched Middlemen but only half of it, and although it's on my to do list I haven't felt much of an urge to finish it. I actually really liked Love and Other Drugs, but he doesn't exactly have big part.]

I'm so confused by my addiction to Teen Wolf. Like, it's honestly not very good - and I don't recommend it. And yet... I think I watched eight episodes? Possibly nine? Point is, I'll be done with S1 soon and I already know I'll watch S2. AND I have some thoughts about what I've seen so far:

I find the central romance UTTERLY BORING and I don't give one single flying fuck about whether Scott and Allison make it as a couple. I'd prefer them not to, quite frankly. As you may have noticed about me, I'm all about canon romances - while I don't tend to read fanfic about them (with the exception of Veronica/Logan), most of my ships are canon ships, and my ships that aren't canon probably won't hold my interest for long (unless they're my OTPs like Clex and Harvey/Mike). I LOVE romance and I want to see romance in the shows I watch, but it's not easy to do well, and I've noticed that most teen shows struggle to conceive of canonical romances that actually resonate. I long for the days of Buffy, which, certainly where Buffy herself was concerned, really nailed the romance aspect of the show. And it frustrates me that a show like Teen Wolf, which relies so heavily on romance, isn't pulling it off. (Aside: the central romance in Awkward is brilliant, btw.)

Probably my least favourite character is Scott. Which is a problem given that he's the lead. He's cute but a bit bland, and the actor doesn't have much chemistry with anyone (although I did enjoy his make out scene with Lydia). I keep hoping he will grow on me but mostly I find him whiny (and shouty - he shouts a lot) and I wish he'd take a leaf out of Jackson's book and start enjoying his powers a bit more.

I pretty much like everyone else (although I also find Allison quite boring) but the characters I love passionately are:

1. Jackson. My god, what a ginormous tool he is, and the kind of character I would not have expected to enjoy as much as I do, but Colton Haynes is marvellous - a total ham but captivating in a way that Tyler Posey fails to be. Jackson's the character we love to hate, but I still hold out hope that he'll get a redemption arc and end up a legitimately great person.

2. Derek. LOL. Just chain him up and keep him shirtless and glowering every episode and I'll happily overlook Tyler Hoechlin's total lack of acting ability.

3. Lydia. GIVE ME MORE LYDIA, SHOW. It annoys me that all the male characters keep getting storylines and Lydia, a truly interesting and subversive character (she's a genius ffs) keeps getting sidelined, not to mention the way the show both implicitly and explicitly compares her unfavourably to Allison (a character in dire need of some interesting flaws, let's face it). One thing that confuses me about her: she's supposed to be popular but has no friends other than Allison, who is the new girl. Where are all of Lydia's friends????

4. Peter Hale. I was getting impatient to meet the Alpha as well as concerned that he couldn't possibly live up to expectations, but I officially love this dude. The perfect blend of creepy/hot.

5. Stiles. How could anyone not love Stiles? <3

So the last episode I watched was the first part of a two-parter and Scott just turned wolf in front of Allison. About time! Not sure where this storyline is going to go but at this point I can't see the angelic Allison becoming like her psychotic aunt, although if show does take the character in that direction I could see myself warming to her.

I would be quite interested in reading good porn about some of these characters. The pairings I find most appealing right now are: Jackson/Derek, Scott/Jackson, Scott/Derek, Derek/Stiles, Alpha/everyone. So if you have any recs that won't spoil me for the rest of the season I'll love you forever?
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