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MISFITS! It is my favourite. I thought I would be more upset about Robert Sheehan leaving the show but if anything season 3 is funnier than ever. The acting is great across the board, the dialogue is magnificent, it's wildly romantic (Alisha/Simon forever), and it's just...different. I've never seen anything quite like it before, I love every character, and it should totally win all the awards ever. It's the UK's best drama (dramedy? It's funnier than many of the comedies I watch) by a million miles and I will debate with anyone who says otherwise. (The Hour is good too, but nowhere near as entertaining.)

The Good Wife is pleasing me greatly atm (Eli! Diane! Will! Alicia! Kalinda! CARY!!!). I can't deal with how wonderful Cary is, and how much I love Will and Diane being awesome together, and Elsbeth is also my favourite, and by the way, if, like me, you fell in love with that incredible cover version of "Here I Go Again" by Audra Mae from the party scene in "Another Ham Sandwich", you can hear the song in its entirety here.

Parks and Recreation is my perfect show. I'm actually slowly rewatching it from S2 onwards (Louis C.K! ♥) and I have to say Fred Armisen's guest spot in "Sister City" (2.05) still slays me. I remember that episode being the first one to make me cry with laughter. Is he always that hilarious? Should I check out Portlandia?


I'm writing new fic, hurrah! I started off intending it to be an Established Relationship story, because I wanted to try something different, but it's kind of not working out that way so much, in that I've ended up telling the story of the relationship from the beginning, so it's more an Establishing Relationship story, which is much more interesting to me anyway. It just felt weird to leave out how they got together, you know? Like, surely everyone wants to know that bit, right? And then when the flashbacks catch up to the present I will tell a story about the relationship itself, and all going smoothly this should end up being my longest Suits fic yet. Which is a bit daunting but I am determined to see it through even if it takes forever.

[If you know me well you will know that I'm not good at long-form storytelling. It comes down to a couple of things: my impatient streak combined with my haphazard writing technique. I am slow and undisciplined and I reread/rewrite obsessively; my first drafts are often nonsensical, horribly written, and unpublishable - which means writing novella length fanfic has never been an option for me. Like, if my stories have any structure at all it's down to luck, intuition and/or a good beta.]
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