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It has been way too long since I last posted here.

Suits premieres tonight in the UK (on Dave at 9pm)! I am very excited about this even though I have seen it tons of times and can't even watch it most weeks because I have class on Tuesdays (that I'm not going to tonight because I've been ill and haven't done any prep for it and it's a class that makes me feel stupid even when I have prepared, so).

Right now I feel a little bit miserable about fandom but I'm sure it will pass. I just feel... old. And a bit weird/lonely in my mono-fannishness, and I don't feel inspired to write at the moment, but I'm not sure if that's an issue I have with Suits fandom or if it's because writing my last story was such a satisfying experience that the thought of it being any other way fills me with apathy.

Whilst sick I started and caught up with Happy Endings, and I love it because the cast is so great I can't even single out my favourite because it changes episode to episode (although if I absolutely had to pick a favourite it would be Damon Wayans Jr. So much funnier and more charming than his dad, wow).

I also watched Series 1 of Misfits which I thought was genuinely excellent (that's right! A British television show I actually like!). Again, I love the entire cast - delighted to see Robert Sheehan again, who was so memorable in Cherrybomb; he's such a charismatic actor he can play an annoying little shit like Nathan and I can't actually hate him - and I'm thoroughly enjoying the clever, profane, brutally frank writing. I have a feeling Tumblr spoiled me a while ago for the death of a main character, and I'm already dreading that/hoping it's not actually real/hoping my memory is faulty, but knowing that spoiler isn't enough to make me stop watching.

Do any of you watch Californication? I discovered yesterday that Scott Michael Foster, who played my beloved Cappie on Greek, is in episode 1 of Season 5, and I am wondering if it is worth watching just for him. Is it a big part? Is he wonderful? Help me out here.

Finally, go read this story immediately: http://archiveofourown.org/works/294252
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