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Dear fandom,

This is a strange request. [LJ looks so horribly unfamiliar, it's unsettling me. Why would they do this to us?]

Tentacle porn. I'm at Lex and Caroline's place for Christmas and we were watching SUPER earlier (the darkest film ever by the way; I would be very interested to hear what my feminist friends think of the rape scene in it, because it is by far one of the most interesting, startling and subversive scenes I've ever seen; Mary, I'm looking at you!), and in SUPER there's a clip of Rainn Wilson's character watching tentacle porn and I was all, OMG TENTACLE PORN. Because--and I'm not sure if this will come as a surprise to you, or if you know me well enough to be unsurprised about it--

I have never read any tentacle porn. I've heard of it. Of course I have. People talk about tentacle porn. Tentacle porn is a thing that is real and that I know about. But I've never read it. I saw a little bit of tentacle porn today, in the film, and then Lex paused the film and gave me a history lesson on tentacle porn (yes he actually did), and that was interesting because before tonight all I knew was that it was a kooky subgenre of pornographic fanfiction. But I've never read it! I assume it involves one of the characters turning into an alien type organism? With tentacles? Who fucks people with their tentacles? I can only assume this, because until tonight I had never let my mind go there. Until tonight I had never given a second's thought to the logistics of tentacle sex, of sex with a tentacled being. But tonight I did, because it was in the movie, and then it was a discussion topic, and then I was like... Huh. With tentacles literally every orifice can be penetrated at the same time.


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