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Kinks, squicks, gifs and memes

Hello LJ. We are having much fun talking about our kinks and squicks over in mockturtletale's LJ at this week's Suitors Session. Get over there!

Or if you are not interested in Suits but still want to talk to me about your kinks and squicks (I LOVE THIS SUBJECT A LOT OKAY) then feel free to comment here.


I was checking my Gabriel Macht tag on Tumblr and saw this post, which is entitled "I blame them for my high expectations for men." And there's a pic of Harvey Specter and Zac Efron (both great choices) and then at the bottom, a pic of Chris Brown.



I filed the following under my "gifs that make me horny" tag on Tumblr:

Photobucket Photobucket
Photobucket Photobucket


Let's finish this with a fun meme I've seen floating about:

Give me a character and I'll tell you

1. My OTP for them

2. A person of the same gender I ship them with

3. A person of a different gender I ship with with

4. An uncommon person I ship them with

5. A ship with them I don’t care for
Tags: gifs, meme, random, tv: suits
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