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Help me help my friend be more slutty

I introduced a friend of mine to fanfiction yesterday by sending her my latest porn-fest, and she loved it (quote: "it turned me on!!!") but then asked if I write on request, because she wants a het fic with lots of dirty talk, so she can improve her vocab (she's esl). Basically she wants me to help her be better in bed. HA. So anyway I'm writing back to her saying that no, I don't do bespoke fic because it's time consuming and all I want to write at the moment is Harvey/Mike, but I also want to help her out and give her what she wants.

Can any of you rec any good het fic with lots of dirty talk in it? I can't remember ever even reading anything like that but SURELY it exists. Any pairing/fandom will do as far as I'm concerned; all I ask is that it's well written and hot.
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