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Many glorious fics!

Two day weekends are appalling. That's not enough time to catch up on everything I need to catch up on. I can't remember the last time I watched a movie ffs.

I haven't done a recs post in a while but in case you are wondering, there is a lot of great fic coming out of Suits fandom (actually more than I have time to read! Which is frustrating to the max). Currently I am reading an absolutely gorgeous story, but I haven't finished it yet because it's long and I am slow, so I will come back and do a proper rec for it another time, and in the meantime you should get stuck into some of these gems:

First I want to rec my girl mockturtletale to you, because a) I LOVE HER and b) she writes like a freaking angel. I'm still working my way through all her stories, but a good place to start is where I did, with 'Til You Gave Out All Your Skin, because it's about an irrationally jealous Harvey who is in a constant - and hilarious - state of outrage over Mike's far-too-physically-affectionate friends. Funny, sexy and completely charming. ♥

Closer does it again, with a wildly entertaining and beautifully written AU, in which Mike is a PI who regularly does work for Harvey. He's The Go To Guy, and in this story things get a little more dangerous than usual when Harvey's latest case gets him mixed up with gangsters who want him dead. Mike, of course, must protect him at all costs. As ever, the world Closer creates is richly detailed and totally convincing: the characterisation is flawless, the dialogue gloriously witty, and the breathtaking romance is weaved seamlessly into the clever, twisty-turny plot. Just magic.

Excerpts From The Gospel of Harvey Specter, edited by Michael "Forever Awesome" Ross, 2011, by the very talented mclachlan is one of my favourite stories in the entire fandom. It is a work of genius: laugh-out-loud funny, moving and romantic and your life will not be complete until you have read it. Extract:

Nothing and no one, not even a unanimous verdict by a jury full of the most unbiased and intelligent people the state of New York has to offer, will ever convince Mike that Harvey doesn't go to Vulcan High Command when he leaves the office. There is no fancy apartment, no four-thousand inch plasma HD TV mounted on the wall, no fire pole or twisty slide or bathtub full of champagne and hookers (Mike has given it a lot of thought). No, there's a portal somewhere on the Upper East Side that takes Harvey directly to planet Vulcan where they routinely cleanse him of all emotion and give him gold stars when he reports on how he is working his new associate into an early grave, which will bear the epitaph "Live long and prosper, bitch."

The Rules of Normalcy, by faithbeckett, is a divine episode tag to "Rules of the Game". A (deliciously) broken Harvey turns to (a confused, surprised, willing) Mike for "comfort". The build-up and the sex itself is all outstandingly hot. I stumbled upon this fic via some random Harvey/Mike related google search and it totally made my day.

For a short, brutally hot, perfect PWP, look no further than this Untitled Suits fic by misspamela. Drunk Mike, awesome banter, Harvey giving head, go read it right now and then come back and thank me for sending you over there.

Knot a Problem (part of the Desk Job series), by janedavitt. I may not have read any of Jane's fic before (until now she hasn't written in any of my fandoms) but she is quite obviously a fic-writing legend and we are so lucky to have her in the fandom, even if it was only briefly. This is a short D/s fic (I figure I should always try to include at least one D/s fic in my Suits recs, because this pairing pretty much embodies that dynamic) that is just ridiculously hot as well as very, very funny.

For more recs, keep an eye on my Delicious suitsfic tag, as I regularly update it with links.

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