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The appeal of Established Relationship fic ... ???

I am slowly starting to engage with my uni classes, thank god. I don't quite care about any of it yet, but I actually enjoyed last night's class, and it's my hardest class, the one I was most afraid of because the little amount of reading I had done in preparation I didn't understand at all. [It's called "The Cultural Production of Space" and we're reading a lot of dense theory by French philosophers, and, as you know, French philosophers are the WORST WRITERS EVER. Most of it has gone way over my head so far and made me feel like I am way too stupid for the class, but I did actually really enjoy - and, more importantly, understand - the Gaston Bachelard Poetics of Space chapter we discussed last night, and I even contributed to the discussion without feeling like a complete dumbass fraud.]


The other day I ranted on Twitter about my aversion to Established Relationship fic. I avoid it like the plague. Also, if a PWP starts with the sex (without even a cursory attempt at build-up) I hit the back button faster than you can say "but the story is actually really good, Kate. Give the story a chance." If you like Established Relationship Fic (let's call it ERF) why do you like it? My prejudice tells me that there can't possibly be any romantic or sexual tension in a story where the couple are already a couple, but I don't read that shit so I'm no expert. This is one seriously ubiquitous genre I am missing out on. What's the appeal?
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