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I love being on jury service. On television everyone's always trying to get out of it, but I'm finding it very interesting and rewarding, and occasionally fun. It probably helps that I'm in love with our judge, and that the hours are 10-4.

You know this widespread trend in fandom of hating romantic storylines? I made a post about the love triangle in Suits a while ago and it's gotten a few comments from some randoms about how much they hate Rachel and how the last thing they want to see is any romance on the show. An anon tells it like it is:

"The whole love-triange thing annoys me to no end, partly because I don't understand what he should see in Rachel, partly because it takes up so much screentime. I don't watch the show because I'm interested in Mike's love life, I want to see Harvey mentoring him."


If you are the type to hate romantic plots in TV shows, is it because you find romance boring in fiction no matter what? Or is it because you ship two of the male characters and any kind of canonical romance involving a woman interferes with that?

I see a lot of people bitching about romance, declaring love interest characters inherently deficient (although that same criticism is not generally levelled at male love interests from what I've observed), or accusations that romance will get in the way of what the show is about. But if Suits is a show about lawyers, and lawyers are human beings, capable of falling in love and being attracted to people, then how would a storyline about one of those lawyers falling in love take away from that? Why is a character falling in love considered an invalid storyline by so many, when it's something - complicated and life-altering - that happens to people in reality all the time?

For many of us romance enriches the main drama because it humanises the characters; it makes them more than just their job. I can't speak for any one individual in fandom who happens to be in the anti-romance brigade, but I strongly suspect most of the fangirls bitching about romance plots are not exclusively interested in, say, gen fic. Not to have a go or anything - you like what you like, you hate what you hate - but one thing I'd love to see less of is this ridiculous insistence that romantic storylines are somehow inferior to all others, that romance ruins shows, that romance is somehow boring objectively speaking as opposed to just not your cup of tea because, maybe, you struggle to slash the dudes when there's a woman getting in the way.
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