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May I come in?

So you know how I'm getting back into reading and writing fic and being all fangirly and whatnot? I went out with Hilary last night and we talked a bit about that, and then we talked a LOT about D/s (because I sent her Good Boy to read the other day) and I was all, "yeah D/s isn't my kink but maybe it is," and she goes to me: "Uhhhh, what are you talking about? Your favourite movie is Secretary. D/s has been your kink for all of time." Me: "Huh." Her: "You are a forgetful freak." True story.

Suits people: what is the episode where Harvey visits Mike at his house? This GIF is really doing it for me but I can't remember when it happened.

I'm enjoying Tumblr but I suspect it's going to become a massive time suck.

I thought Fringe was average but it was good to see Olivia again. Not convinced this new Peterless world is worth it, given that it's clearly only temporary, but I've always enjoyed Seth Gabel so I'm pleased Lincoln Lee is now a regular member of the team.

The Mentalist can suck it. It's not like I'm surprised by the cowardly decision to make the awesome S3 finale mean *absolutely nothing* but I am disgusted by it, and insulted, and seriously questioning whether I should continue watching. Only I have to, because Cho. I can't miss out on a second of Cho.

In conclusion, fuck you Bruno Heller.
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