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Suits you, sir! Some recs.

After making the decision to not watch The X Factor this year -- because what is the show without Simon? -- I am totally into it, and guess why: GARY BARLOW. He is waaaaay better than Simon in every way. I am so over Simon Cowell and his scary botoxed face. As it turns out my original Shouldn't But Would - ol' Gazza from Take That - is, like, totally, legitimately hot now. He has designer stubble that makes all the girls gaga. My friends love him, I love him, he's the best judge ever, and The X Factor is more entertaining with him and his girlfriend Kelly Rowland as judges than it's ever been before (he's married actually and I hope and assume faithful to his wife, but Gary/Kelly should be the new best RPF pairing in town, because in fiction cheating is awesome, and the two of them clearly want to bang each other).

So I have some Suits recs for you lucky people. Hilariously I took a half day today just so I could come home and read porn, and I've been working my way through maja_li's Harvey/Mike stories, because she is an extraordinary writer who has been quite prolific in this little new fandom of mine [THANK YOU BB. I'd envy your talent if I wasn't so grateful for your existence]. Anyway you should read her stories, but in particular -- and I say this to ALL of you not just to fans of the show - you should read the following story immediately.

Good Boy, by maja_li

It's a D/s fic and I didn't even know I was into D/s but holy crap, it turns out -- totally am. Dom Harvey is unspeakably sexy, and while I know virtually nothing about how D/s works in reality this story feels very authentic to me, and it's damn effective for that reason. I'm hard to please when it comes to porn, but the sex is really hot, evocative and moving. Zandra understands how to make (super kinky) sex both erotic and romantic without once resorting to sentimentality. I seriously adore this fic.

Same theme, much shorter:


I read this wee D/s ficlet in the meme before I read "Good Boy" and boy did it get to me. It's only two comment boxes long and the first comment box is laugh out loud funny, the second very intense and erotic (despite containing no actual sex). To be honest I didn't understand what was happening the first time I read it but it had a powerful effect on me anyway, and so I read it again, got it, and was even MORE entranced. Not sure what that says about me.

It's Just
Just That
Five Years by stratospherique

This is a great series in which the author creates a convincing relationship between Harvey and Mike that is characterised by repressed feelings, douchetastic behaviour, and (mostly) unresolved sexual tension. It's very well written, very entertaining, and very sexy.

in vino fuckitas by _mournthewicked

Drunk Mike. Horny lawyers. Porn. :D

Madison Avenue, by anon

This story is SOOOOO AWESOME. Harvey's one of New York's Most Eligible Singles in New York Talk. Shenanigans ensue. It's funny, porny, bantery brilliance from start to finish.

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