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I'm having one of those horrendous days where work is making me cry and I want to punch every one of these ungrateful motherfuckers in the face.

Fortunately I have fandom, and fandom has been good to me lately. The timing isn't great, as I have SO MUCH to read for school, which starts again in a few weeks, but what can I do? I'm madly in love and I don't care who knows it.

-- I am now following all the Suits actors I could find on Twitter like a crazy person.

-- I have joined Tumblr but don't understand it at all yet. So follow me if you love me but don't expect me to, you know, use it at any point soon. I am here: http://www.tumblr.com/tumblelog/msninjafan

-- I have successfully pimped Suits to two whole fangirls named silveronthetree and glammetalkitten. PLEASE JOIN US.

-- I have a pretty new Suits mood theme (farewell Veronica and Logan - I still love you but you are totally old news)

-- I have amaaaaazing recs for you that I will post some time this week, and - #shock#

-- I have written Actual Fic, currently with my beta but which will be posted VRY SOON. EEE! I am sure I'm way more excited about posting fic in a new fandom than any of you are about me posting fic in a new fandom.

In other television news:

I have decided I will not be watching this season of Sons of Anarchy. I thought the first episode of the season was awful, as in, I thought it was both unpleasant and badly written shite, and honestly, that Jax is fine with murdering a bunch of people in cold blood but won't "live off a woman" is totally fucking sickening to me, so I'm done with this bullshit show full of reprehensible creeps and I'm not going to miss it. I'm just sad that Rockmond Dunbar turned up as I'm leaving the show behind, because he is one of my favourite actors from Prison Break; unfortunately his much better show about men with too much testosterone, Terriers, was cancelled after one short season. So it's good that he has work on a more successful show, not good that it's on a more successful show that I've grown to hate.

Let's just not talk about The Vampire Diaries and how much Stefan should do the world a favour and kill himself.
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