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Detox Diary: Day 18

Watching The X Factor sober is not something I would recommend.

The other night I socialised without drinking and had a really good time. Admittedly Sami and I spent much of the night talking about drinking (because he is also a lush who dries up on occasion, so he can relate to what I'm going through) but we figured next time we hang out without alcohol we will not need to have that conversation again. Anyway, the point is, we had fun! We went to the Press Photographer's Year exhibition at the National Theatre which was both free and awesome, then we wandered around London, stopping at various establishments to drink coffee, or eat delicious pizza and cake, and then towards the end of the evening we ended up in a pub because we both needed to waz (due to all the coffee and water we'd been drinking) and Sami had one glass of red wine just to wind me up. I nearly caved at one point because I love drinking with Sami, but I didn't, and I wasn't even tempted in that final pub because it didn't look like the kind of place that would serve decent wine and my first glass back has to be delicious.

I have decided that I am going to drink next Tuesday because Sami's band is playing and I'm definitely going to see him and meet his sister and some of his friends and it sounds like it's going to be a lot of fun. But that will get me to 22 days booze-free, and then, actually, I think I will go back to not drinking until my birthday because I'm really enjoying not being hungover all the time.

It turns out that Mark Lamarr was openly obsessed with Faye Tozer, but I do kind of get it now. I watched both of the Faye episodes of NMTB and she is very appealing. Still, watching Mark fawn over her (even though she was clearly uninterested) is disturbing more than funny, although (in a different episode) his exchange with Lisa Scott-Lee (also from Steps) amused me:

Lisa: "Stop asking me to ask her out for you! She told me to tell you she was a lesbian!"
Mark: "Well...tell her I'm a lesbian too." (Aside Glance) "Nothing stops me!"

I really adore Simon Amstell. He's maybe the most hilarious person of all time.
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