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A rant.

Look, I'm really angry about this Dirty Dancing remake bullshit. The film was on TV last night and it is perfect. PERFECT. You cannot improve on perfection, and to even try is an insult to the whole world. There is no way they will find an actor/dancer as amazing as Patrick Swayzee, or a heroine as adorable as Jennifer Grey, it can't possibly be sexier, or with better dancing, the soundtrack cannot be bettered, and I *highly doubt* they are going to improve on the wonderful, cheesy dialogue. The original is TIMELESS. It may have been made in the (late) eighties but it is set in the sixties, and the new film would have to STILL be set in the sixties, when dancing dirty-style was actually scandalous, so what is the point doing a new version? THERE IS NO POINT. Teenage girls today can watch the original and fall in love with it just as we did when we were teenage girls. And if kids today refuse to watch anything made before they were born, that is THEIR PROBLEM. They can suffer through shitty films like Honey and Save the Last Dance, and the grownups can bask in the glory that is the REAL Dirty Dancing. I mean really, who will they cast? WHO COULD THEY POSSIBLY CAST THAT WON'T SUCK? Worst idea ever. Leave the classics alone, Hollywood, you cynical fucks.
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