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True Blood, 4.06: I Wish I Was the Moon

Now I'm ready to talk about True Blood again!

Excellent Tommy impressioning, Sam Trammell. That said, I didn't appreciate another storyline containing yet more rape, for God's sake. Can we please have an episode without rape in it please? Please? I don't know if it's better or worse or the same that Luna doesn't know she was raped, and I think my confusion is partly because it probably won't occur to many viewers that that was, in fact, an eroticised rape scene. The gang rape of Jason was about the most unpleasant storyline the show has ever done, and TommySam succumbing to the considerable charms of Janina Gavankar was certainly more enjoyable, understandable, ambiguous, gray-area non-con than, say, the witch/vampire rape scene (also in this episode), or Jason's ordeal, but it's like... Jesus Christ Alan Ball find a new theme.

I don't think I'm being hypocritical when I say that I would far prefer the Eric/Sookie union were he to be still evil and were Sookie to still despise him. It's just that the way it's playing out is not very hot or romantic. He's not the Eric we've all grown to lust, and I simply don't believe Sookie truly loves him. There's something missing. Where rape is not my kink, dubious consent gets me hotter than a house fire, and their scenes were so erotic when her attraction to him was reluctant and treacherous. Ball and co have removed all the sexy illicit deviance that made them so popular with fans, they've neutered Eric, and played it safe with Sookie's character arc. I don't understand all the negativity about Sookie and Anna Paquin - I think she's fantastic, and I find her very appealing. But I do like it when the values and morals of my heroes are compromised, particularly if they're compromised for hot sex. That's, like, my favourite storyline. I've been counting on that since I first found out Sookie and Eric were destined to bang, and I just feel, you know, mildly let down, not depressed or anything because I don't care that much, I just sort of, vaguely regret not being more turned on by the Eric/Sookie sex scene at the end of the episode. They looked great, no doubt, and I didn't hate watching it by any means. But did that scene actually arouse anyone? Really? And if it did arouse you, are you easily aroused? Because that's what I'll be forced to assume.

ANYWAY. Jason and Jess!! Wonderful. Totally on board with this development, hoping for lots more of that next week. They are completely adorable together and I'm just so pleased that Jason is still a silly human and that he's no longer being gang raped. (I may never get over that.) Ryan Kwanten is fabulous.

I am looking forward to Lafayette not being a passive spectator some time soon hopefully. Show desperately needs to give lovely Nelson Ellis something to do other than bitch.
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