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SV S5 Exposed!


This was probably my least favourite episode so far and yet OMG I loved it! Because I love Smallville Season 5! And there was just so much pretty and sexy and I'm all giddy with love for Clark right now. GIDDY.

Have I mentioned how much I love the new credits? Tom looks so beautiful (the stubble! the shirt! GUH) and Lana looks great with her cute ass smile and it's all so damn CHEESY. *is very happy*

And I'm liking how Lana is taking more of a backseat right now. In fact in Exposed they locked her in the fucking trunk and I didn't even miss her! How surprising.

Right. My thoughts.

Surprisingly boring story. Although Lois's USA stripper outfit was awesome and I just, ha, LOVE how gay Clark is. Love it. He was all, get off me, beautiful woman, your breasts are scary and your sex appeal is offputing and wah, where's Lex when I need him? Speaking of which, LOTS of Clex this week and it so makes me laugh that Clark keeps on storming into Lex's house and yelling at him for shit he hasn't done, just coz, uh, he needs a reason to flirt with Lex and stare at Lex and be near Lex and have make up sex with Lex, and Lex is totally *amused* by it and he doesn't really mind because, uh, Clark is hot when he's angry and it gives Lex a reason to slap Clark down and I know they're not showing us the bit of the scene where he's all, you can apologise to me Clark by SUCKING MY COCK, which of course Clark does eagerly. Where was I? Yes. S5 Clex is SO sexy. Just. It may be my favourite Clex yet. This inbetween friends and not friends but their inability (especially Clark's) to live without each other. Fuck. Me. No, strike that. FUCK EACH OTHER.

I hate Jonathan, I really do. And the hilarious thing about his running for governor or whatever against Lex is that EVERY SINGLE PERSON WHO WATCHES SMALLVILLE will be rooting for Lex. Jonathan will probably win, I suppose, and a million angry fangirls will sigh and cyber punch AlMiles into oblivion. Pah.

Clark is funny and very sexy. Just thought I'd mention that. Every scene he was in made me squeal. Catching the helicopter in one hand was the best thing ever. Coke on the rocks straight up - heeeeee! The suit. YUMMY. And then that bit at the end with Lois with the bye sailor or whatever it was he said? Made me die from lust.


Oh, and *points* check out my new icon, by slodwick ! *faints from happiness*

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