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Films and tv I have been enjoying this summer...

Thank you lovely elsmoka for the chocolate userhead!

The Good Wife, seasons 1 and 2

I tried the first few episodes of this show a while back and really disliked it, but then it started getting a lot of critical buzz and radioreverie told me I should have another crack at it, and it's summer and my proclivity for wasting away my days indoors in front of the television getting addicted to new shows means I am now into it. It's much less formulaic than those first episodes led me to expect and much more an enjoyable and interesting legal and political drama with some procedual elements but an ultimately forward moving narrative, a great cast, and some very charming characters. I'm completely obsessed with Cary, who has a wonderful voice and the world's most adorable smile. He's my favourite because I find him extremely attractive, but if that weren't an issue then Kalinda would be my favourite, just for being so cool and enigmatic.

I like Alicia a lot, love Eli, love Diane, quite like Will, but I don't ship Alicia/Will at all. I don't hate them together or anything, but I also don't feel much chemistry between the actors, nor has the writing effectively created enough tension between them for me to be pleased that they finally hooked up (although I'm looking forward to the fall-out from that).

As for Peter... I think Chris Noth was miscast because Peter has always seemed like a ginormous creep to me when he should be at least somewhat sympathetic. As it is I can't understand why Alicia stayed with him for as long as she did, and I certainly never found it convincing that she would sleep with him again, or let him back into her bed. It bothers me that Cary is now working with Peter, who turned into a bit of a cartoon villain in the last few episodes, because I want Cary and Alicia to become allies; the competition between them in season 1 was interesting because they ended up liking each other despite it, but Cary's grudge against her in season 2 was much less interesting because Alicia may not have won 'fair and square' but it was Will and Diane who instructed her to use her connections and if she hadn't she would have lost the contest, so shouldn't Cary blame them for what happened? They made the rules, Alicia only followed them. I get that he resents Alicia for being the symbolic reason for his supposed failure, but also, he should get over it. And now he's working with Peter and Peter has his own grudge against Alicia so a reconciliation between Cary and Alicia won't be happening any time soon, and that is a shame. I love him with the fire of a thousand suns though. (I spent quite a bit of time last night watching Matt Czuchry youtube clips and looking at pictures of him, that's how big my crush is. I may even do a picspam at some point!)


I'm quite enjoying Suits, mostly because the two leads are great, although I don't know how long I'll stick with it. I guess until I'm bored, which I'm not yet, but at the same time I can see that it's probably not going anywhere particularly interesting.

Covert Affairs is pleasing me quite a bit this season, but I have one complaint: the colour of Joan's hair. Yech. I find it ugly and she should go darker, perhaps the colour of Annie's hair, and then Annie should become a brunette. /deep thoughts

Game of Thrones won me over in the end. That show does great cliffhangers. I have been terribly irritated by all the complaining I've seen about all the supposedly gratuitous sex/nudity, given that it's one of the most gory and violent shows I've ever seen. I don't understand how people can be offended by tits, ass and, yes, penises (woot!), whereas the graphic slaughter of innocent horses is like, fine and dandy.

Wilfred is quite funny and I love Elijah Wood, but I'm getting a wee bit tired of the premise already. I think I'll watch out the season and re-evaluate.

Louie is one of the best shows on television. Side-splittingly funny, brutally, wonderfully honest, completely original. CK is my hero. It is absolutely unacceptable that it didn't get an emmy nom for best comedy (Glee? Really Academy? Jesus Christ.) but at least my beloved Parks and Recreation did this year, and it should win.

I've also been thoroughly enjoying Pretty Little Liars (so many awesome girls and women!), Weeds (I don't care what anyone says, I love all the Botwins, Nancy included), and Treme (funnily enough the New York scenes in S2 were my favourite, because I love Janette and Delmond best).

And finally, films I have thoroughly enjoyed recently: Bad Teacher, Bridesmaids and The Lincoln Lawyer. Who would have thought I would ever like a Matthew McConaughey picture? But turns out: he can actually act! And while Bridemaids made me laugh a bit more than Bad Teacher, Cameron Diaz's shamelessly disreputable heroine is a far more groundbreaking and interesting character than any of the women in Bridesmaids, and I've never loved Diaz more.
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