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Luther and stuff

Every guy I meet that I fancy these days is younger than me, sometimes a LOT younger. There's this dude at work who I met yesterday and who I find wildly attractive (even though we clearly have nothing in common and he sounds and looks like he should star in Made in Chelsea); I ran into him this morning and there was chemistry, but like. He's maybe in his mid twenties? Soon I will be forced to self-identify as a cougar. :|


Frank Ocean is awesome. Really go listen to "Swim Good", the stand out song from his pretty damn good debut album:



I enjoyed series 1 of Luther although I was disappointed that Zoe was murdered to facilitate a story about three men, and that Rose turned out to be a fucking moron. Why, as the boss, does she not consider for a moment that Luther might be telling the truth? Rose decided that Luther was guilty before she even saw any evidence and thereafter didn't question her verdict once. She didn't for a single second think that, oh maybe, just maybe, Ian is as guilty as he's acting. It's her job to consider all the possibilities, but instead it was (the very likable) Justin who thought and acted like a smart copper with good instincts. It's just, you know, impossible for me to respect a character who unthinkingly believes something we know is a lie despite having been told the truth.

Alice, on the other hand, is a marvellous character and her scenes with Luther are the reason the show has hooked me. There's an awful lot of very sick and twisted (and misogynistic for the most part) violence in the show but it also gives us a delightful, competent, oddly sympathetic female villain, whom the show needs to use much, much more than it does. Plus, Ruth Wilson and Idris Elba play off each other brilliantly and have a decidedly erotic chemistry with one another. I wish the show was more that, less a procedural, but I'll keep watching for sure.
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