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Finales! (With bonus smilies!)

Bones, 6.23: The Change in the Game

I was very moved by the baby not being blind (although didn't cry as much as I did when Mr Nigel-Murray died in the previous episode), and completely surprised by Bones being pregnant. We'd guessed that she and Booth had shagged (shame we didn't get to see at least a kiss, but I supposed we've already seen them kiss so the show decided it would be more fun to leave us guessing this time) but now we know they didn't even bother using a condom. Nice work, dummies!

How I Met Your Mother, 6.24: Challenge Accepted

While I don't give a tiny rat's ass about Robin's competition for Barney's affections (can't even remember her name; all I know is that she's very pretty and not remotely funny. Why doesn't this show find funny actresses to play the love interests? Or maybe they just suck at writing funny material for the love interests). Anyway, whatever, I'm not worried because clearly Robin and Barney are going to end up together and get married. I mean, if they don't? That would be the single douchiest move the show has ever pulled (even douchier than 'that, kids, is how I met your mother... psyche!'). No one cares about the other woman, a LOT of the audience care about Robin/Barney, so I'm going to go ahead and assume that they don't hate us and that the end game is Robin/Barney. Which I'm pleased about. As for Lily and Marshall's news, I'm cool with it other than the fact that pregnancy/baby plots are boring and never original, and I can't see HIMYM telling any new jokes about pregnancy or babies; they certainly haven't so far.

The Mentalist, 3.23/4: Strawberries and Cream

HOLY CRAP. Amaaaaaaaazing. A+. Apart from Grace being shat on (again) from a great height, this was a most surprising and awesome season finale. I can't BELIEVE they let Patrick kill Red John. I can't believe how perfect Bradley Whitford was in the role. I was worried the show would stretch the Red John story out until the show got cancelled so I am beyond impressed with the brave decision to let Patrick exact his revenge so early on. Now, will the show let Patrick move on? Will he be able to date women and have sex? Finally? LET'S HOPE SO.

Parks and Recreation

There is nothing I don't love about this show. And that, friends, was a perfect season of comedy.

Smallville, 10.21: Finale

I had silveronthetree and penumbra over for the Smallville finale and there was much shouting at the television, followed by sniffles and awwwws and more shouting and frustration and heart clutching and, well, you watched it, you know how much it both sucked and was awesome.

I hated the Clois angst at the beginning of the episode, but the scene where they talked to each other through the door was lovely. I hated Jonathan and Martha and think that plot should have been eliminated entirely. I hated that Tess died, and that Lex's memories were erased. That said, it wouldn't be Smallville without a memory wipe, so I guess it's fitting that the last episode contained the biggest memory wipe of all. I loved the gay Clark/Lex scene and that Lex assumed Tess wanted Clark more than anything else in the world simply because he did/does/will always even without his memories (that's my story and I'm sticking to it!). I loved Clark opening up his shirt at the end to reveal the supes costume, and everything else was pretty much meh. Still, it was a fitting end to a very silly show that inspired me to write an enormous amount of porn. Goodbye, Smallville. It's been real.

Fringe, Season 2

I've become hooked on Fringe, which you'll know if you follow me on Twitter. I don't think it's particularly great but it has enough elements I like to keep me interested, and I find myself not wanting to watch anything else at the moment. And the Season 2 two-part finale (which I watched this morning in bed) was brilliant. LOVE Alt-Olivia, whose hair is so much more awesome that normal-Olivia's. Love that Olivia and Peter kissed, because I like some romance with my procedurals. Love all of it (except the freaks all dying the moment they reached Earth 2, which was so disappointing/annoying because they were great characters with tons of potential). Basically Fringe is now on my list and once I've caught up with S3 (which won't take me long at the rate I'm going) I will be watching it on a weekly basis with the rest of you.
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