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Smallville, 10.18: Booster

I loved the episode pretty much from start to finish. Clark was consistently heroic. Booster Gold was hilarious and perfectly cast. Jaime is one of my favourite comic book characters (from when I went through my brief comic book reading phase) so it was great seeing him appear in SV before the show ends, and I really liked the actor as well. And Lois was adorable throughout: her unfaltering smile when she told Cat she wanted nothing to do with her was priceless; if Cat's good for one thing it's making Lois look even more awesome than normal.

My only complaint is that the new Clark Kent supposedly isn't attractive. That makes NO SENSE. Clumsiness and glasses don't make a guy who looks like Tom Welling unattractive - in fact, I would argue that those two things have almost nothing do with why Clark IS attractive, other than that they possibly make him MORE attractive. Maybe Tom's just too hot to pull off what the show is trying to - stupidly - claim: that the only way for Clark to be attractive is to be Supermanly. I just. WHAT. Maybe it's because I find Tom so attractive that the mere idea of him being unattractive strikes me as patently absurd. But guys, seriously, Tom is so funny and charming that glasses and clumsiness only ADD to his sex appeal. RIGHT? Right.

Doesn't matter though, I really enjoyed myself and that's the main thing.
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