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It's Party Season WOOHOO!

OMG I as SO hungover.

My party? Was a RIPROARING success. *does the victory dance*

Guests included, uh, the hottest guys on the freaking planet. There was dancing, drinking, debauchery. Mad fun, I tell you. And best of all? There was a whole bunch of porn.

Okay, mostly written by me and my girl, toadstoolsmiles , but the fabulous, the one and only, our very favourite Essay Girl, bop_radar , also contributed a SERIOUSLY hot bit of smut. GUH.  (Ahem, please excuse any mistakes made by me, we were very drunk and I'd been snorting coke of Lex Luthor's ass all night, so any mention of *koff*IndianAmericaninsteadofAmericanIndian*koff* should be ignored please).

Anyway, if you don't want to wade through the party (although you should, because you'll run into naked boys if you do), you should go here, because not only has kho  linked to all the porny drabbles, she's started her own pornfic party! Which is like MY FAVOURITE KIND OF PARTY.

Now, because she didn't link to Boppy's story (because it was in a reply, not a main comment), which is SO GOOD and you should ALL read it. I'm gonna post it right here.

Just to intro you, Bop asked me what porn I wanted and I said this:

"I want Lex. And Clark. And I want *Clark* mad. And Lex amused. And Clark is mad and jealous and hot as FUCK for Lex and his sexy ass. Yeah. Mad Clark, amused Lex porn drabble." And this is what she gave me:

Clark was furious. Striding into the mansion, he flung open the double doors to Lex's office so hard they shook on their hinges. Lex looked up, startled.

'I've got to go.' He hung up from the call he was on. Good.

Clark strode forward, brandishing the bunch of wires he'd pulled out of their hiding spots in the loft. 'What the hell is this?!'

Lex leaned back in his chair with that infuriating smug look of his. 'What accusation are you throwing at me now, Clark?'

Clark flung the wires onto Lex's desk. 'I found these in the barn. In my loft. Hidden in the bookcases and the sofa, and the ceiling.' He picked up the end of one and, leaning across the desk, waved it in Lex's face. 'Look! This is a microphone. It might even be a camera.'

Lex's eyes followed the dangling wire. 'Hm. Really? Do you think so?'

'Yes. I showed Lois. She said it was high-tech army-level spyware.'

Lex pursed his lips 'Sooo... you're insinuating I had something to do with it? That's very flattering, Clark, but what would I have to gain from spying on a Kansas farmboy?'

Clark spluttered. 'You... I... we... Lana and I were there. Together. When I found these.'

'Ah.' Lex was smirking now, damn him. 'So you think I bugged your barn with high-tech military equipment in order to expand my porn collection? That's very amusing Clark.'

'I only know one person who would be so sick, so perverted as to do something like this...'

He shouldn't have said it. Shouldn't have called Lex those words. Because Lex's grin just widened as they flew out of Clark's mouth. He was enjoying this way too much.

'Oh, god, Lex! You're so infuriating! Even when I'm angry with you, you just stand there like you're getting some sick kick out of it!'

Lex stood up. He slid round the desk and was by Clark's side before Clark could react. His face melted to serious. 'Why would you say that Clark?'

Clark ignored him. 'You invaded my privacy! You invaded *Lana's* privacy! You spied on us!'

'I haven't admitted anything, Clark. Ever heard of 'innocent until proven guilty'?'

'Oh you're guilty alright!' Clark was leaning over Lex now. They were so close, he could smell Lex's aftershave.

'You know Clark, you've got a very overblown ego if you think you and Lana would make for arousing viewing. Two near-virginal teenagers making out on a sofa isn't my idea of eroticism.'

'Are you trying to make me punch you again?' Clark clenched the fists at his side.

'Actually, if I recall correctly, you were trying to make *me* punch *you* last time... but...'

Lex stopped when Clark grabbed him by both shoulders. Clark didn't care that his grip was too tight. It would leave bruises. Good. He stared into Lex's eyes. They were dizzying. Lex looked ever so slightly shocked. Good. He was sick of being the one always on the receiving end of the tremors in their relationship. Friendship. He meant friendship.

'Leave. Lana. Out of it.' Clark leaned in until their foreheads were nearly touching.

Lex's eyes flicked back and forth across his face.

He realised suddenly that he'd lifted Lex ever so slightly off the ground. He loosened his grip and Lex dropped an inch or so to the floor.

Clark's heart was beating hard in his chest. He wasn't sure what had just happened. Lex just stood in front of him. He hadn't taken a step back, like Clark would have expected. He hadn't punched him either. He was... he was reaching out a hand to grip Clark's arm and ... and his other hand was reaching for Clark's waist. And. Oh dear god. This wasn't supposed to happen.

Lex's body slipped against his like water. He could feel the contours of Lex's chest against his. The buttons of their shirts rubbed little points of awareness into his chest. Lex was the one gripping too tight now. It send tingles down Clark's spine.

'Ok, Clark. I'll leave Lana out of it.' Against his will, Clark looked down at Lex's mouth, shaping the words he shouldn't be listening too. 'If you will.'

He decided, in that moment, that Lex's mouth was the hottest thing he'd ever seen. Full curled lips, and that little scar, and those lines at the edges of his mouth that showed when he smiled, like he was smiling now, smiling at Clark. And before he could think any further, Clark kissed him. Pressed his lips hard against Lex's and, steading himself by grabbing Lex round the waist, forced his mouth open. And Lex fought back, grabbing at Clark's shirt and tugging it out of his pants. Sending his tongue slipping into Clark's mouth and then pulling free of the kiss to moan and nuzzle at Clark's neck, as Clark grabbed him and pushed him back against the desk.

Clark paused for a moment. What was he doing? Lex was panting and looking at him with that *look* that he had. The one Clark tried to pretend he didn't understand.

'Do you want me Clark?' Lex reached up, swiftly unbuttoning Clark's shirt and pulling it down off his shoulders, then reaching, just as swiftly for Clark's belt.

Clark realised he was breathing a little too hard himself. It was too late to stop this, he decided. He'd come here to teach Lex a lesson in meddling.

Lex who was reaching down the front of his pants and whose hand was closing tight round Clark's cock. 'Do you want to fuck me, Clark? Would that make you feel better?'

Clark moaned. He leaned in against Lex and kissed, bit, kissed his neck, his lips, his shoulders, as Lex's hand worked back and forth on his cock. He could feel through Lex's pants that Lex was hard too, and it shouldn't feel so good to know that. He shouldn't want to touch Lex this much. He shouldn't want to pull his pants off and drop to his knees and take him in his mouth and make Lex come. And make him scream.

Lex's other hand reached around the back of Clark's head and tangled in his hair, so that Clark was held close to him. It was if Lex didn't want Clark to get away. Small chance of that now.

'Do you want to fuck me? Do you want to slide your cock inside me Clark?' Lex just wouldn't shut up. He kept on mumbling into Clark's ear all the hot dirty thoughts Clark never had.

Clark growled. He hadn't meant to. It just came out that way. 'Ye-es. Oh, god, Lex, yes.'

Then before he could think say anything further, he grabbed Lex's belt and tugged. Lex smiled again. Clark could grow to like that smile. And Lex dropped his hand from Clark's cock to help Clark with his belt. And then they were scrambling out of their clothes, messily and awkwardly and frantically kissing at each other the whole time. Lex dug nails into Clark's shoulders and scratched down his back and Clark shuddered against him. It made Clark feel angry and hot and helpless. And he was still mad, damn it.

He grabbed Lex and turned him round, bending him over the desk. Pens and papers fell to the ground as Lex scrambled to prop himself on his elbows. 'Do it, Clark. I know you want to.'

Clark flushed with annoyance, but before he could reply he found himself running his hands over Lex's back, over his shoulderblades and down past his waist and round his sweet tight round ass. Which looked oh so good and god, Clark thought he was going to come right there. But instead he found himself watching his cock rub over Lex's cheeks and down between the crack, and oh Lex was moaning in a way that made the shivers come back again. And Clark found the hole and pushed.

Lana had felt nothing like this. Nothing like Lex tight around his cock and Lex panting beneath him and still talking, damn it.

'Oh, Clark, yes... oh that's it. Fuck me...'

Clark wasn't even sure he could hear the words properly. His whole attention was caught in the way his cock was being squeezed as he slid into Lex, and slowly out again, and oh, he should be being more careful. This must be hurting Lex. But hell, hadn't he COME HERE to hurt him? And it was too late to worry about that because he was about to come and Lex wasn't just talking now, he was yelling.

Clark blocked the words out. He didn't want to hear. It was too much.

'Shut up! Just shut up!' He pushed harder and faster into Lex and suddenly he was coming, shuddering and shivering and it felt like he was going to faint and he was falling, heavily, on top of Lex, pushing him hard into the desk, and it must have hurt him but he didn't care. And the waves washed through him. And his mind was finally, blissfully, blank.

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