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TV: Lie to Me, The Killing, The Sopranos

I've had my first bad experience with an insurance company. Those fucking shitburgers take £11 off me every month and when I finally claim from them I find out that they upped my excess by £25 without getting permission (they sent me a letter informing me of this a few years ago but do I look like the kind of person who reads my mail? No!). I suppose it's worth paying it in case Charlie ever has any serious problems but right now I feel like they're shafting me. (In case you're wondering Charlie got bitten on his head by another cat. This means he is quite an aggressive kitty who dives into fights head first, rather than running away from them like he should do because he is smaller than his opponent.)


Lie to Me

I've become re-hooked on Lie to Me. Actually I love it more now than I did when I watched the first season, although I think season 2 was better than season 3 is so far (I just watched the Annette O'Toole episode, which was only ok) because I'm just not sure what they're doing with the characters now, or why it's not as gloriously shippy as it was last season. Loker is always miserable, and I'd prefer him to be having more sex with Torres than not having sex with Torres, because clearly they are hot together. Also, didn't he get promoted? I don't understand what his new position is and I'm wondering if the writers just forgot about the promotion. Also, why is Foster annoyed with Lightman all the time these days? He is no less infuriating than he used to be but she's suddenly a lot less tolerant of him. I want those two to shag so badly. I love them, and if Melissa's right and the show gets cancelled, I hope they end up together. I don't remember it being very shippy in S1 but I do enjoy how much Lightman fancies Foster, and I do enjoy Tim Roth's wonderful over-acting, and I never used to find him sexy but he's become very sexy in the last few seasons, especially when he flirts with women: he gets all up in their space and stares at their mouths and women never mind because he's so cocksure and talented.


The Killing, 1.01 & 1.02: The Cage & El Diablo

I tried The Killing, but it's a bit grim and humourless for my liking. The acting is generally good but I wasn't particularly captivated by any of the characters, and some of the dialogue was annoyingly clunky: I could have done without Linden explaining that she wasn't one for talking in an early scene, for instance, because that became quickly obvious. I like the pacing and I like this kind of long-form storytelling, but it's been done better in shows like Breaking Bad and The Wire. To stick with a show like this you have to care about more than just whodunnit, because it's going to take a very long time before you find that out, which means you have to enjoy everything else about the show, and I didn't enjoy it so much as want it to end so I could get back to watching Lie to Me. I'll probably give it one more chance to hook me though.


The Sopranos, Season 5

I've finished Season 5 of The Sopranos. Tony has lost his sex appeal and I think that was absolutely deliberate on the part of David Chase and co, because they've gone out of their way in the last few seasons to explore and accentuate his least attractive qualities. So when Carmela took him back it was jarring and frustrating: it felt like she had completely regressed and that none of the character development we'd witnessed since their break-up had even happened.

Which of course is the point. People don't change in Chase's world. Or do they...?

Carmela seems the same as ever but it feels false. She's no longer a happy wife, she's playing the role of the happy wife. She learned that she couldn't escape, not really, not ever, so she's making the best of her situation, which actually isn't so bad if you're able to turn a blind eye: she's rich as hell and who cares where the money comes from so long as her kids are okay and she's got a project to keep her busy. Tony will never divorce her, she knows that now, and she has to live with it. It's not that people don't change, then, it's that no one escapes.

The murder of Adriana was as shocking as it was inevitable. I would normally be cross about the death of a major female character and I'd start ranting about fridging and whatnot, but I felt it was necessary for Ade's story and for the story overall that she die at the hands of the Mafia. I felt it was necessary that Christopher be the one to betray her. The show is about the circular nature of criminal life, how far reaching the consequences of crime are, how escape is all but impossible, how you hurt the ones you love the most. Everyone suffers, from the families to the friends to the girlfriends to the employees to the shrinks. The show has never flinched away from the ruthlessness of the gangsters and we all know the rule about snitches: they are worthless scum who are shown no mercy, no matter how much you might love them. Ade was never smart enough to realise that getting in bed with the FBI was as good as signing her own death warrant, even if she was just an unwilling dupe who didn't understand the situation. Quite pointedly, too, the FBI were equally ruthless, never giving a damn about her safety, and not particularly bothered when she went missing (aka murdered); it's not as if she was ever going to give them any real information, after all. Ade was a pawn in a game she didn't even know how to play, and she was used and abused and it was never going to end any other way than her death. And on a more general note, Drea de Matteo was outstanding, particularly in season 5: she wasn't a likable or attractive character (other than her killer body) but it was a brave, emotionally raw performance without a hint of vanity in it, and Jesus, that last car ride... She should definitely stick to drama (anyone remember how excruciatingly unfunny she was in Joey? Does anyone even remember Joey?)
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