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My life at the moment

End of term is nearly upon us - hurrah! I've actually skipped lots of classes this year, for two reasons: three nights of classes a week is just too much and my screenwriting class is a waste of time. That said I've quite enjoyed writing my screenplay, which is due next week, and it's been cool having a cruisy class because of the aforementioned first reason for bunking off.

I've absolutely adored my Film: Narrative and Genre class, although I keep having anxiety dreams about the essay on postmodernism and the Coen Brothers that I handed in on Wednesday. I'm pretty sure it's an awesome essay but all I can think about are the holes in my argument. One weird thing did happen during my research: I have come to find the Dude sexy.

The Enlightenment class... not really my thing. It's good to know all the stuff we've been learning but I still don't give a fuck about the Enlightenment. I'm interested in pop culture ffs, not like, old crap. Heck, I can barely muster interest in films made before 1980.

My colleague Kayleigh told me today that she's accidentally started saying one of my phrases. She's been saying it so much that her boyfriend actually asked her last night, "Where is that coming from?" and her answer was "It's KATE". Anyway, the phrase is "Goddammit". Apparently I say this when things go wrong which I guess is all the time. I also say "Jesus Christ" a lot. Basically I like to blaspheme.

On my way back from lunch this woman stopped me on the street and asked if she could do my eyebrows for free because it was her first time. So I said yes and I got them threaded and they look pretty sweet. I've never had my brows threaded before - normally I pluck them myself - but I think I might make it a regular thing.
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