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Pretty Little Liars, 1.21: Monsters in the End

I was hard on this show at first, and I had, you know, some... personal issues with a certain storyline that was annoyingly prominent, but I have to say: I love it now. LOVE IT. It's wonderfully entertaining and it's about girls and, after a rocky start, it's delivering on a shippy front as well. I cannot get enough of Spencer and Toby! In a million years I would never have guessed the show would go there and I wouldn't have expected to like it (because Toby is kind of funny looking), but they have fantastic chemistry and they look great kissing each other. I really believe in their attraction to one another and I love their scenes together, and I like that they're both outcasts in their own way, and I like that he's so much more interesting than her previous boyfriend which is a good thing because Spencer is the best. I love that most of the male characters are expendable on this show and that it's about girls and girl friendships and lesbians. I love them all but I particularly love Spencer and Alison (I hate that she's dead!) and Hanna and Hanna's mom and Emily (who has to be the most beautiful girl in the whole world) and even Aria. And I also ship Hanna with the very gorgeous Caleb, who I hope isn't gone for good because Hanna really needs to get over the whole 'he broke her trust' thing and forgive him because he's completely in love with her and he isn't actually a terrible person at all. And he's HOT. And she loves him back! And it's really a very romantic show if you can get past the teacher/student thing, which I personally can't, but I'm not hating it as much as I was before because I don't identify with it any more and Ezra (terrible name) isn't enraging me quite as much and Aria is so cute that it's hard to stay angry with her, and the writers have hammered it into my brain that they really do love each other, so I guess I no longer want him to get fired or whatever.

One thing I'm scared of is that the resolution to the mystery will be unsatisfying. I literally have no idea who A is (I hoped Alison was still alive somehow but this episode showed that someone has been spying on them for years so I guess not?) and I can't think of a prominent character that it could plausibly be and that would make me go 'omg awesome!'. Any thoughts on that?
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