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Farewell Friday Night Lights, and other things...

Who the fuck is Esperanza Spalding and why did she get the Grammy for best new artist and not Drake? I bet you I don't want to have sex with HER voice.

Thank you for my valentine, kind anonymous person! *blows kisses*

Last weekend I met up with penumbra, silveronthetree and glammetalkitten for bead shopping, wine, Malaysian food, the Aristocrats, Buffy and fun times. Wish I could see them all more often! ♥

Friday Night Lights, 5.13: Always

It's OVER.

My favourite thing that happened in the finale (and possibly the entire show) was Coach making the decision to let Tami take her dream job. I suppose it was somewhat predictable because it would have been horribly depressing (and made him a total douchebag) had it gone the other way but it was still a marvellous, moving, perfect moment when he asked her to take him with her to Philadelphia. Fact is, he can change kids' lives anywhere - why not Philly?

I also loved Tim finding happiness again, and reconciling with Billy and his family. And while Tim's never been in love with Tyra he'd be damn lucky to have her and I think they could actually be good together if they ever choose that path. Not an epic romance, then, but not a terrible idea either.

I've never been a proponent of young marriages but I can't begrudge Julie and Matt their happiness. Whether they make it or not their relationship has always worked for me. They can't quite match up to the perfection of Julie's parents' relationship but the point is (and I think it's well made), they have the potential to be the next Coach and Mrs Coach (without the coaching, of course).

Loved Jess getting a coaching internship in Dallas, loved Vince cleaning up his act and becoming the great leader Coach knew he could be.

Ack. I'm getting teary just thinking about it all again. Such an amazing show. Season 2 aside (and S2 wasn't all bad - it works much better the second time round when you're prepared for all the fail), FNL is easily one of television's most remarkable achievements. It's shows--art--like this that make my obsession passion worthwhile. And although I'll miss FNL like crazy I think it ended at the right time, and in the right way.


I'm working my way quickly through my Sopranos boxset. Last night I watched 4.10 ("The Strong Silent Type"):

Okay that was the funniest intervention I've seen since Sunny's "The Gang Gives Frank an Intervention" (my favourite Sunny episode btw. Wine in a can!). But mostly I just wanted to say that I have never been so glad to see someone get whacked as Ralph Cifaretto. He was always a bit too scary/volatile for me to feel comfortable during his scenes (the point, I know), and after he beat that girl to death I've been dying for Tony to kill him. I love that Tony clearly wanted to as well and that it took the murder of their horse to push him over the edge. Tony can't grieve for people but he does get very attached to animals; is displacement the correct pscyhoanalytic term for what he does?

I won't get into a debate about which is the Best Show Ever out of The Wire and The Sopranos (they're apples and oranges) but I will say that The Sopranos is certainly the greatest character study I've ever seen.



I won't lie, the last episode made me a little teary. It was the video testimonials that really got to me, but also Martha's "you are the light" line. I do appreciate how Smallville can suck for countless episodes then suck me back in with one pretty good ep.

The best news of course is that Michael Rosenbaum is returning for the finale. Hurrah! He couldn't not really, given that a large chunk of his fanbase discovered him through Smallville and might have been quite unforgiving had he chosen to snub the show, but I'm still relieved as I agree with Tom Welling - it just wouldn't be right without Lex.
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