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The Tudors and Greeeeeek!

Drake is quite fugly but I find him sooooo hot. I blame his deep voice.

I tried The Tudors because Henry Cavill is the next Superman and he is very attractive and I wanted to see him in action. Sadly he is not in the first episode enough to make me willing to put up with the boring period dramainess of it, or the bland dialogue, or the scenes that are about politics, or Sam Neil (sorry Sam! I love you but you are not a good actor), when really all I care about is Henry being a debauched, wife killing sex addict with a hot best friend who he occasionally bangs(?). So I will likely not be trying it again, unless one of you tells me that it turns into porn in episode 2.

Greek, 4.05: Home Coming and Going

Rusty winning over Peter was adorable. Cappie is a superstar, sure, but Rusty is rightly proud of who he has become and he will make as great a big bro to Peter as Cappie is to him. The story trajectory was predictable but it couldn't have gone any other way; this show is a romantic, warm-hearted comedy that likes and respects its audience, and the happy endings are a big part of its charm.

Calvin and Heath love each other! D'AWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. A slightly less predictable ending because I could have seen it going either way, but they are so cute together I'm delighted they're in it for the long haul.

With regards to the Casey and Ashleigh situation I was very much on Casey's side but I totally understood where Ashleigh was coming from and so she remained sympathetic even while I was wanting her to grow up and face reality with a bit of optimism.

Holy Jesus the chemistry between Cappie and Casey is still epic. One of the main reasons I ship them as hard as I do is because their relationship is completely credible: it's clear to see and easy to understand why they love and want each other, but also why they (currently) struggle to make it work. And when they kiss... damn. The sexual energy between them is off the freaking charts.

Speaking of erotic, Ashleigh and the Professor? Can I just say, finally an incredibly hot teacher in a TV show I watch that isn't an unethical piece of shit who takes advantage of his students. Because THIS hot professor couldn't be less interested in any of his students, thank God, but when the stunningly beautiful, lovely and charming Ashleigh turned up at his table he was instantly smitten. And I finally get to enjoy a story about a sexy teacher. [Not that the douchebag teachers in Pretty Little Liars or Friday Night Lights are sexy because actually they're gross.] In case you were wondering sexy professors are a kink of mine. Unfortunately. I'm now slightly disappointed that we may be heading for an Ashleigh/Rusty romance, because I want this guy for her, and they definitely look better (righter) together than she and Rusty do. I mean, I get why she might have a wee crush on Rusty because Rusty is amazing, and they would be cute together, but out of Rusty and the Prof? No contest.

I love this show.
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