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mkitty3  made the valid point today that we shouldn't be warring in fandom, we should be making sweet love. After all, it's Smallville, the sexiest, prettiest, gayest, silliest, bestest show ON THE PLANET.



I, for one, like to have fun. I like to party. I like to giggle and chat and flirt with my super duper sexy flist, and okay yeah, the drama doesn't bother me that much because I'm a notorious drama queen from, like WAY BACK before my fandom days, so I just find it all a bit exciting and hilarious. But if it's not fun for the people I dig, then it's not fun for me!

So let's party, people. What with thamiris 's fabo SV orgy and with so many people who still love the show and the fandom, we can SO party like it's 1999. YEAH BABY!!

So let's SV picspam!

Let's talk about our favourite scenes!

Let's quote, quote, quote!

Let's ramble about the gay!

Let's get excited about the next episode!

Let's talk about our favourite fics and authors!

Let's talk about porn because I LOVE PORN. No really. I do.

Let's bitch about S4 (but in a nice way because this is my journal and I don't like negativity unless it's funny)!

Let's reminisce about S1!

Let's get drunk on Smallville!

Let's have sex with the wrong person on my flist and cringe about it tomorrow!

Let's invite other SVers who don't know me to come have fun with us!

I don't care! It's a party! You can cry if you want to! Just make yourselves at home, feel the love, and have some FUN!

*turns the music up and starts to boogie with flist*


First off, how AMAZING is oxoniensis and her website and her screencaps and her icons and fuck, just everything. I love Onyx so much! And Lex is SO SEXY.

Look, dammit!

I just wanna snog the living daylights out of him. His mouth, oh GOOOODDDD, his mouth is gonna be the death of me. And then, you know, he can have his way with me ANY WAY HE LIKES. He can tie me up, spank me, drip hot candlewax all over me, hell, he can shove an apple in my mouth and bend me over the kitchen table, for all I wouldn't complain. I'm easy like that.

*dirty dances with Lex*

Tags: fic, party, picspam, porn
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