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Beta required!

So I have finished the first draft of my Luthor Clex fic! And it is in desperate need of a stern beta. Any takers? It's mostly porn.


Thank you for the card Sarah honey! I've loved getting to know you too and I look forward to seeing you at the next of our awesome fangirl meetups. ♥


Just watched Easy A. What a clever, funny surprise! I'd recommend it for Stanley Tucci and Patricia Clarkson playing the coolest parents on the face of the planet alone, but the entire film is worth seeing. The protagonist is played by Emma Stone - so memorable in Zombieland - which might make those of you who aren't generally attracted to the high school teen romantic comedy genre more amenable. We won't talk about the fact that Penn Badgley is the love interest though, other than to say WHY GODS OF FILM WHY?
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