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Yes I have a very close friend called Lex.

Thanks, duskwillow, for the virtual pressie, and happy birthday again. You are an angel!

I've actually written a bit of Clex porn set in the Luthor AU. It's a long way from finished (and I'm a bit scared I won't finish it) but at least I started a story, right? It's weird though, I'm so out of practice that it slightly embarrasses me now how filthy my mind is.

I really enjoyed Icarus, btw.

Re The Vampire Diaries: Not much to say about the last episode except that I am very much on board with Bonnie/Jeremy sexytimes. Make it happen, show.



Speaking of The Mentalist, I really didn't like the last episode. I thought the dialogue was horrible and I'm worried it's made me go off the show. I'm also worried that it's always been that bad and I've just never noticed before because I was blinded by my love for Patrick Jane. Surely not, right? Apparently the writer for that episode was new so I'm hoping it's his fault rather than mine. Liz Lemon's crush on The Mentalist did make me feel better.


I'm going up to Edinburgh next week to spend Christmas with Lex and Caroline and her sons, and so I asked Lex what I should get Caroline for a present. And he gives me this very specific advice: get her black and white jewellery to go with her new black and white dress. Good God the pressure! I have spent more time looking for black and white jewellery than I have on any other present ever, and what's worse is that this is more about pleasing Lex than Caroline, because he's the one who gave me the instructions so he's the one who'll be doing all the judging. I did find a very cool burlesque choker that will go with the dress and that I can totally picture her wearing, but I ALSO ended up... wait for it... making a necklace. Which is probably not such a big deal except that I've never done anything like that before. You have no idea how proud I am of myself. Check out the necklace as modelled by me, behind the cut. I call it The Charlie:



See! It matches him.


What do you guys think? Is it nice enough to give to someone as a present?
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